Hopefully first time’s the charm

So since this week is all about design we were assigned to do a design blitz. It’s like the photo blitz only you have a lot more free reign on what you want to take pictures of. I actually found this quite challenging since I was limiting myself to certain objects. I finally got it through my head that everything has a design it’s just a matter of seeing it or not. We were give 10 concepts which were color, typography, metaphors/symbols, minimalism & use of space, form/function/message, balance, rhythm, proportion, dominance, and unity. Below you will find each photo with what I found to be its concept, why and what could be another concept applied to it.

Symbol: To start off I took a picture of a symbol. My job at Charming Charlie just recently came up with a new symbol for there company, the two C’s together in pink. The concept of color and typography also come into play here but I really wanted to use it for its symbolic purpose of the company.

Design Blitz

Typography: This next example also comes from Charming Charlie. This is a typical tag a customer will see on what is our more formal jewelry, called RSVP. I wanted to use this for typography since it is clearly a more fancy font that also correlates with the collection in advertises. Lack of color and use of space also play in to this design.


Message: The design below is on a pancake/waffle mix box. I chose this as the message concept due to the bear and wheat on the front. It makes the item seem almost powerful, probably because it’s a high protein mix and protein gives you strength. I also see symbol and color come into play here. If you took away everything except the circle and title, one would still know what the product is and the color adds to the design by being subtle but still eye catching.


Balance: This design isĀ  wall decal in my apartment. I chose it as balance simply because no matter which way you slice it, it is still equal on each side. It can also be unity when combine with the other matching decals however for this project I only took a picture of one. Altogether on the wall it also shows use of space.

Design Blitz

Rhythm: This one was particularly tricky for me however, I think I got it. This is a place mat and the pattern on it looks like it is either going up or down. It is also very proportionate and in great unity.

Design Blitz

Unity: When I hear unity I think of the same thing over and over again. This is a design on a shower curtain. It may not look 100% in unison due to it hanging up however if I were to pull it flat it would be perfect.

Design Blitz

Color: For color I used Jamba Juice’s design. It has basically the rainbow as their symbol and not to mention, whatever color smoothie you get, the words on the cup are that color as well since they are transparent at first. This can also be seen as a use of space as well as a symbol as mentioned above.


Dominance: For dominance I used the women’s restroom sign in the UC on campus. The figures definitely stand out compared to what else is on the sign. The color also is in unison with the rest of the university signs so that applies as well.

Design Blitz

Use of space: For this concept I poured through magazines and just didn’t find one that I liked enough. I then looked at walls around me and really liked how this clock was placed and the hearts around it give that space almost a cozy feeling. Also the color was a huge factor into the design.

Design Blitz

Proportion: Last but not least is proportion. This advertisement for nail polish in a magazine was a perfect fit. If you only look at the nailĀ  polish and the way it lines up, it is perfectly proportioned on both sides and shows various sizes leading up to the largest one. Color also plays a huge part in this advertisement as well as typography.

Design Blitz

And that’s the end for my first ever design blitz. It was hard but I think I got the hang of it and at least have better knowledge of what the basic concepts of design are. Hopefully reading others takes on this design blitz will help me understand even more!


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