To My Mom

This weeks assignments are mostly writing and out of three options I decided to choose this one. My Mom is my best friend and closest confidant so of course I wrote a letter to her. It got kind of “mushy-gushy” but I love her so who care! 🙂 Here’s to you Mama!

Mama D,
Words can’t even begin to describe how much I love you and how appreciative I am of your constant love, care and support. I wish I had known that back when I was a stupid teenager that you would grow to be one of my biggest fans and best friends. You always were there for me even if I would say the worst things to you. You never once left my side and always had something uplifting to say after a bad feis day or bad day in general. I know we still get into our little battles over who has your snow boots, what to eat for dinner or whether you should leave my sister alone or not, but I can never stay mad at you. You are the reason I am a clean freak and over pack when going on day trips. You never know when and ice pack comes in handy. You’re the reason I care for my friends when they aren’t feeling good because I know how wonderful it was when you did that for me. I’m awful at math just like you but I do know how to make a child listen – just like you. I call you frequently since living in an apartment because I realize how much I don’t know about living on my own. I realize how much I don’t know at all Contrary to when I used to think I knew everything. You are a walking book of useful knowledge, dumb jokes and remedies for every sickness. I love you so much and hope when I have kids that I will be just as knowledgeable and loving as you were to me. I hope, after I pick up my kids from school, I blast 80’s rock in my car and all my kids sing a long just like we did when you would pick me up from middle school. I hope they get to experience everything they could ever want because I can provide it just like you always did. I hope they learn many lessons from you and your brain filled with everything, exactly like I did. I love you Mom.
Love, Tierra

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