This town ain’t big enough for two bartenders…

For week three we’re have to write about our own character, mine just happens to be the prettiest and wittiest saloon owner/bartender in the whole west. Sally “Shot” Winderson is her name and pouring the meanest whiskey in town is her game. Born in the heat of the summer of 1845 Shot was from a family of 7, her Ma, Pa and 6 brothers, 3 older and 3 younger. She was always made fun of by other girls for being to boy-ish and that’s how she found her calling. Her Pa was a heavy drinker, never put the family in danger though, and she was always fascinated by all the tricks he had to pouring his fancy drinks and she decided she wanted to learn. She would go to local saloons with him and watch the bar tenders do their thing. She loved the atmosphere so much that when she was just 21 she opened up her own saloon and was the best bartender in town. Now this business is not just good music and drinks, it also comes with its complications. Shot’s saloon is notorious for bandits hiding out, secret information being communicated between allies and shoot outs between enemies. Shot however, not just being good at pouring shots, was also an extremely good shot with a gun. She could stop any scuffle going on in her place before it escalated too quickly. If the Sheriff came around to get information on one of her customers he would have to pay a hefty price to get the info from her. You think she would be worried about her safety however she never was. Those six brothers of hers were the roughest, toughest cowboys in the West and would never let anyone hurt their beloved sister. Sally “Shot” Winderson is not a girl to be messed with.

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