Western differences

I read Ice Man and listened to an episode of Gun Smoke for this assignment. I never truly knew how westerns could be so many different things and have so many different components to them. Obviously the typical western stereotype is cowboys, gun shots and old country music which is what I really got from gun Smoke. It was just a good wholesome western story with problems, sheriffs, wagons, horses and gunshots. The music and slang was very much something I would imagine people out west listening to and speaking like. Ice Man was very different however. It did not strike me as a typical western just because, typically, they are majority white men against each other and things of that nature. This was about bull riders and men who are more or less of color and their run in with the law. It just seemed like the Ice Man was looking for trouble and when it couldn’t be found he made sure of it. It took place out west and in a bar, but that was about all Western I really could relate it to. The writing style of Ice Man and listening to Gun Smoke were similar in the way characters were depicted to speak/ how they actually spoke. A very western lingo that you don’t hear in normal dialogue. I’ve also noticed that there is always someone causing trouble and there is always someone you are rooting for. It’s just interesting to see how there are so many different Westerns out there. Going back through the Google document about westerns it’s nice to see that it’s not just a majority population sort of ordeal. Anyone from any race, sex, sexual orientation and country can be in a western. It’s nice to see different versions being brought to the table in this class.

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