Sally’s Saloon

This assignment I decided Sally should talk about her saloon a little bit since not many know of this fine establishment! Sally has a great place just her rough housing brothers may put a damper on things! This assignment wasn’t hard, the hardest part was coming up with what to say. Other than that I used a western lingo generator and audacity to complete this task.

Don’t move a muscle!

We were assigned to do a radio bumper this week and here’s mine! It’s obviously nothing special and my laptop fan is loud as heck and I have no idea how to fix that but here it is!

I tried to go for that western vibe but I think I just sound kind of funny. I did have a lot of fun making this, the only boring part was having to download everything and get it all set up. Also the audio help pages were of great use. I used a campfire crackle sound in the back from freesound to get that western-y feel.

To infinity and beyond… or not…

I decided to split up my audio reflection. This post is about Moon Graffiti. I really enjoyed this radio episode. I love how the sound effects really gave me a sense of what was happening, whether it be the crash in the very beginning or sounds of them being on the moon. The music also helped move the story along as to whether it was a high action part or whether it was a very emotional party. The music would be soft and slow which I thought was a nice touch to evoke the emotional aspect. The music also brought the intro and conclusion which made the show seem professional. The effect of the voices, whether it be on the radio or the astronauts also helped the listener distinguish who was talking. It’s crazy to think that this could have actually happened and that a speech like that may have actually been used.