For this last mashup assignment I was to take a picture of something/someone in the moment that was similar to an emoji. I was then required to put them side by side for comparison. Well it just so happened that I walked in on my roommate being extremely studios. Like books out, notebook open, laptop running, highlighter highlighting studious. So I snapped a picture and picked the best emoji I feel that would be represented by her in real life and here it is!


This assignment was worth 4 stars.


For this mashup assignment I was to combine three of my favorite holidays into one image. I took clip art images and used paint to combine all of them. I chose St. Patrick’s Day, Thanksgiving and Christmas. I chose these three because my family and I always do something on them and they tend to be some of the busiest days for us! My family is a family of Irish dancers so you can now see why I would choose St.Patrick’s day! As far as this little leprechaun goes – he’s different. Instead of taking gold he gives out presents and steals your turkey. He comes every Thanksgiving to receive his food and every St. Patrick’s day he gives our presents you would receive at Christmas. He’s a charmer but if you’re hungry for turkey, you better hide it or he’ll steal it!


This assignment was worth 3.5 stars.

Jack? Jason?

For this assignment I decided to combine two scenes together from two movies I enjoy. It’s not as subtle as I’d like but I still think it’s quite funny. This wasn’t that hard to do however, I did have to YouTube a tutorial on how to combine two images. I used images from google an combined them in paint to create Titanic the 13th.


This assignment was worth 4.5 stars.