Dat bucket list doe

For this assignment I am to write five things for my bucket list and reasons why, so here I go!

1.) Compete in either and NPC Bikini or Figure show and win my pro card. I love the sport of bodybuilding and with my competitive dance background I’ve been itching to go back on a stage. This time with a sculpted physique I am proud to have achieved. Winning my pro card also means I would get closer to the Olympia which is the dream! Also being higher up means cash money prizes which could help fund me going to shows and training and what not.

2.) Get sponsored by companies. This is for when I compete. Having a company such as Legion or Angel sponsor me would be icing on the cake. There are so many things to worry about when going into competing and having supplements and my stage presence covered would take a little bit of the stress away!

3.) Do good. I am super passionate about helping those less fortunate and hope to be able to do that as well. I really want to help stop childhood obesity so joining an organization and making a difference is something I definitely want to do.

4.) Pay back my parents. With everything they have ever done for me I hope one day that I can look at them and pay off their mortgage or their cars or just give them a huge check that will help them live easy when they start getting old.

5.) Adopt a bunch of dogs. This is just a last random one. I really do love dogs and I believe they all deserve a loving home. I always joked around that if nothing works out I’ll just start a dog sanctuary. They are just the best! 🙂

(Two Stars)

Dear 30 year old self…

I have absolutely no idea what the future holds for me. This assignment requires me to write to myself 10 years from now.

Dear future Tierra,

You’ll be what, 30? when you read this. Dear God woman you’re old! Except not really, I’m just kidding. You’re writing this to yourself on January 24, 2016. There’s a crap ton of snow outside from winter storm Jonas and you have no idea whether you have work today or not. So if you remember all this stuff, you’re awesome, if not, go take some EHT by Nerium and get smarter ya dingus. Well I imagine you have already been on the bodybuilding circuit and have a few competitions under your belt. Hopefully sponsored by Legion Supplements and a bikini company. You train people at your own gym and help children with their health, like you always wanted to. You also got your masters for nutrition through Liberty’s online courses like you planned. I hope you’re married to the love of your life and possibly have a little baby or one on the way, if not that’s cool, take your…my….(???) time. You have a beautiful house with a wrap around porch and a lot of indoor potted plants and books everywhere. I imagine you live on a big piece of land somewhere in Virginia so you’re not too far from all your siblings and friends. If this is all too far fetched than here is my more achievable standard that I’ll give myself. I think I’m married to the love of my life in a cute little townhouse either in Virginia or Maryland. We have multiple dogs because I love dogs and can’t live without them. I am a counselor of some kind, hopefully with children, but also a personal trainer. I have competed in a bodybuilding show and want to help others do it too. And I finally got that Audi I have been dreaming out since I was 19. I hope I put my anxiety and negative thoughts about myself away and only think positively. I have no idea if this is how the future will even end up but it’s always a great outline. Most importantly, I hope I am happy. So if I’m not and I’m reading this well, cheer up buttercup. You’re alive and reading this and have gotten to be 30, let’s see how 40 and 50 and so on look on us.. me.. you… this is hard. Anyways, cheers to being 30!

Love, Tierra

(Two Stars)

I like to move it move it…. except not really…

For this little diddy we have to write about our Freshman year move in day, something I loved and hated all at once.

I moved into Jefferson Hall around August 2013 at 10a.m. I had absolutely no idea where my room was and thought my Mom couldn’t be anymore embarrassing. My Mom and I unloaded everything onto the curb in front of the building and then she went to go park the car. I had to bring everything up with the help of one person because she got lost parking her car. By the time everything was up in my room it was super hot and humid since it had rained a little bit. Everything was a huge chaotic mess and by the time my roommate had got there with even more stuff, which she took up all at once because she had so much help, it looked like a tornado had hit our room. Eventually everything was unpacked and put in spots, soon to be moved so we could open up our floor to be bigger. But the entire time moving in I had one thought, I want to go home. Obviously because it was a new place but also, I didn’t really know anyone and it didn’t feel like home to me. I was tired, scared and excited all at once.

My Mom and I went to lunch and went shopping for things that I forgot which completely took my worries away at the time. Then we got back and the anxiety about being in a new place and not going home to my family every night started kicking in. When my Mom was getting ready to head out I kept making up excuses for her not to leave but she said she had to. It wasn’t the emotional but by the time she got in the car she called me and told me how proud she was and quickly ended the call due to what sounded like a sob. I watched her drive away like something an actress would do in a movie and just wished I could be going back home with her.

So obviously freshman move in day was a mixed bag of feelings but since then I have made some friendships and have made it to second semester junior year! I call my family frequently just to catch up with them and try to go home any chance I get free from work! Move-in day sucked but I’ve gotten this far and can’t wait to see where I end up later in time.

(Two Stars)

To My Mom

This weeks assignments are mostly writing and out of three options I decided to choose this one. My Mom is my best friend and closest confidant so of course I wrote a letter to her. It got kind of “mushy-gushy” but I love her so who care! 🙂 Here’s to you Mama!

Mama D,
Words can’t even begin to describe how much I love you and how appreciative I am of your constant love, care and support. I wish I had known that back when I was a stupid teenager that you would grow to be one of my biggest fans and best friends. You always were there for me even if I would say the worst things to you. You never once left my side and always had something uplifting to say after a bad feis day or bad day in general. I know we still get into our little battles over who has your snow boots, what to eat for dinner or whether you should leave my sister alone or not, but I can never stay mad at you. You are the reason I am a clean freak and over pack when going on day trips. You never know when and ice pack comes in handy. You’re the reason I care for my friends when they aren’t feeling good because I know how wonderful it was when you did that for me. I’m awful at math just like you but I do know how to make a child listen – just like you. I call you frequently since living in an apartment because I realize how much I don’t know about living on my own. I realize how much I don’t know at all Contrary to when I used to think I knew everything. You are a walking book of useful knowledge, dumb jokes and remedies for every sickness. I love you so much and hope when I have kids that I will be just as knowledgeable and loving as you were to me. I hope, after I pick up my kids from school, I blast 80’s rock in my car and all my kids sing a long just like we did when you would pick me up from middle school. I hope they get to experience everything they could ever want because I can provide it just like you always did. I hope they learn many lessons from you and your brain filled with everything, exactly like I did. I love you Mom.
Love, Tierra

Dream Room

For this assignment I decided to take to Pinterest and design my very own room! Now in the description for the assignment it says to make it as out of the box as you want, I like to say mine is out of the box chic! I’d love to have books and indoor plants everywhere and a wonderful, cozy lofted bed! Nothing like what the Westerners would sleep in. However I did add a few western accents such as pillows and cacti into the room. And who knows, maybe my large walk-n library will have Western classics in it. Check it out!

Dream Room


That’s Not What I Expected


This is my first ever visual assignment I am doing! Can you guess what this is? Hint: It’s not just simply Captain America! I chose this assignment because I love taking pictures, especially close ups. Now since it isn’t warm or nice and snowy out I had to settle on something indoors that I really liked. If there’s one thing you should know about me it’s that I love most Marvel movies so I thought taking a picture of this would be fun! This doesn’t necessarily relate to the Western theme but if there was a sheriff in town, I would definitely hope it would be Captain America. I simply used my phone camera, took a picture and uploaded it to flickr. and then embedded it into this post. Can’t wait to see what you all guess!