This is Sally.

Howdy everyone! My name is Sally “Shot” Winderson and I am going to tell you the story about how I became a Gal of the East through the reasons why I love this place. Well if you ever read my tiny little background at the very beginning of this semester I said I was born in the heat of 1845… well that’s just not true! I was actually born in the heat of 1995 but the rest of me is true! I lived in Tombstone, Arizona my whole life, up until recently, and had a Mom, Dad, and 6 brothers. I was indeed made fun of when I was younger for acting too much like a boy and I do pour a pretty mean whiskey and worked at Tumbleweed Saloon pretty much all my life. I lived in a small cramped flat just above the saloon with my family until I was about 16 and could afford to rent a room across the street. My family thought that I was betraying them by moving out but living with 8 other people was just too much. When I turned 19 I bought a plane ticket east and set out on my journey. I remember the day I was leaving so clearly. It was 6am, the airport was an hour away and my entire family wanted to take me. Our car was too small at the time so my parents drove me and my brothers stayed home to work. I gave each of them a bear hug and told them that I’d send them a ticket once I hit the jackpot. They all laughed and said “Sure ya will Shot, eryone will love ya out there!” Before I got in the car I looked at myself in the mirror. Decked out in dirt covered jeans, worn in boots and a what-once-was-white-now-brown t-shirt. My hair was all frizzy and wild and my scar on my chin from falling when I was seven was as taught as ever. My freckles were coming out of hiding due to being in the sun too long and I was also a little sunburnt. My Mom called from the car and I knew it was time to go. Saying goodbye to my parents was the hardest. I thought moving into a room across the street was harder but this was worse. I was going to a place where I knew no one and had no knowledge of what would await me. I gave them both a hug and kiss and was on my way. That was a year ago today, with a stroke of fortunate events I now attend the University of Mary Washington and am getting my degree to be a school guidance counselor. Every morning when I wake up I see a glimpse of the old me, the freckles, the scar, the frizzy hair. But when I go to class or work I am a new more refined me. I am happy. My hair is sleek and straight, my freckles and scar in hiding and I wear a nice blazer and jeans sometimes if my t-shirt doesn’t cut it. I have never been happier and I want to show you all the reasons why thanks to Virginia and UMW!

Why I Left Tombstone – Created with Haiku Deck, presentation software that inspires

Another reason I love where I live now is the weather! In Tombstone it was always hot and dry and was just not pleasant to go out in. Here, I get all four seasons!

The collage below is not just from UMW and VA but also from travels I have had while attending the school. New York City and Broadway were both where I traveled to during New Years. The black and white “gangster” photo was from spring break when I attended the Arnold Sports and Fitness Expo in Ohio. The picture with me and a friend in snow as well as the one with the time slightly showing, is showing how I have made new friendships on campus. The hiking picture was from a weekend I went up north to go hiking. Not only do I love the east but I have the ability to travel and make friends and that is something I am so happy about!


While also being able to travel all over I finally can call a room of my own home. The one I live in at school changes frequently but I finally have a place up in Northern Virginia that I can call my own! It’s much more spacious than the little flat I bought when I was 16!

My Home on the East Coast! – Created with Haiku Deck, presentation software that inspires

Since growing up in a small western town was pretty boring, living out here is wonderful. I showed you all the reasons why through different forms of media I learned this year. And here is me, Sally Winderson, signing off on this wild rodeo called DS106.

Sally: The Gal of the East

Throughout this entire semester my character Sally has told you her stories of the West as well as of the East. For this final project I will be telling her story of why she is now officially a Gal of the East. She loves the West and will always have fond memories of it but she see’s the East coast as her home. I will be writing about her past in more detail and how she has changed overtime (her physical appearance as well as mental health). I will then use visual and combine a photo set of 5 photos as to why she left and 5 photos as to why she loves the East. I will make a collage of her new life as well as give everyone a tour of her home all combined in another photo set. Which will also lead into another reason she loves the east – the weather. She may just video how great it is. Then I will end it with the sounds of her day as well as a phone call with her family and their great news via audio. I based a majority of this off of assignments, but will add my own little flair here and there, and it added up to be 25+ stars of work as required. You’ve seen Sally talk about her new life but never like this.

We’re live people!

This entire week has been a blur of learning how to shoot, edit and publish a video but it has been accomplished!!!! I shot my portion on Tuesday and then attempted to edit it in Windows Movie Maker but I couldn’t accomplish what I had in mind. Fast forward to today, Thursday, and I finally have what I wanted my portion to look like!

Earlier this week I met with Jenna and Carlee and had a good friend of mine shoot our last scene for us and then today I say down with Lindsey and put everything together. We ran into a lot of set backs, like me forgetting my camera in my apartment, not having a “verified” YouTube channel, and trying to learn all these new programs among a few things. I seriously never knew how hard it was to shoot and edit a short film and ours was even in vlog style!

We pretty much just uploaded everything into dropbox and on one of the Macs at the HCC an then used iMovie (which I love so very much) to combine everything. Then we had to convert the file to .mov and then FINALLY upload it to YouTube. The thumbnail wouldn’t work either so we had to screenshot our intro and upload that too. It was long and tiring  but it was fun to learn nonetheless. So I present to you now, College is a Rodeo…


The wait is over… sort of…

As told in my last post, I said I was going to bless you all with a little trailer of what our vlogs next week will consist of – well here it is! I simply filmed myself with my camera, went to audacity and made a voice over. I thought it would be funny and it worked out pretty well. And disclaimer, Sally does wash her hair, just not every day!


Anotha one! (plan)

This week a few of the girls from the radio show group and I decided to work on this video assignment we were provided. It was a little rocky at first just because everyone’s schedules’ were so hectic but in the end everyone is now on board and on the same page. What we’re aiming for is (since our characters are from Arizona and we are clearly NOT there) our characters go to college and start their own lives on the east coast. We figured a vlog type style way of filming would keep it fun and personalize our characters everyday actions would be ever more fun! For a small example, my girl Sally, drops her thick accent for a northern one and no longer bartends – she becomes a powerlifter and a dancer! Her trailer for the vlog will be out tonight if you want to know more about her.

I’m actually pretty excited to do this considering that I have always wanted to start my own vlog but never had anything worthy of being filmed. This will also be a great chance for me to learn how to edit everything and what not. Hopefully it will all turn out alright!

Bye- Bye Brittle Bros.

For this week we were assigned to do a video essay. What that is in short is watching a movie, picking scenes (or in this case picking A scene) and talking about the cinematography of said scene. We were given movie options and to my delight Django Unchained happened to be one of the options. This is seriously on of my favorite movies and who doesn’t like Quentin Tarantino?!?! Obviously I watched it (again) and decided I really liked the scene where Django an Dr.Schultz kill the Brittle brothers (if you haven’t seen this movie, go watch it…now!) It had a lot of different angles and close ups and wide lens shots – perfect for my brain filled with knowledge about cinematography (thanks to the article/youtube videos provided!) I also became painfully familiar with how to grab clips and paste them in movie maker, how to fix the sound when it isn’t working and recorded voice over about 4 times before I finally got it decent. This was definitely a learning experience. But without further ado (adue…adoo…I don’t really know…) here is my video essay.

Watch me lift, now watch me…. lift again….

In my bio/intro post I talk about my favorite thing to do which is lifting. For our assignments this week we were required to pick an assignment that was given to us and I decided to do my favorite hobby. And like I just said before, my hobby is literally walking to the gym and picking up heavy objects and then walking home. Being strong makes me happy and when I’m at the gym I set aside all my stress and focus on the weights. It is my break from the world and that’s why I do it. The gym is fairly empty on Sunday mornings so I decided to bring my Canon with me to film myself doing deadlifts. I simply set up my camera on a box, aimed it at yours truly and had my best friend hit record. I used Windows Movie Maker to cut the video down and added Eric Church’s – Jack Daniel song over so you can’t here me ask if it was recording or hear the weight slamming down. This was just a double at 225lbs, nothing special. I promise I did more, after this double people started coming in and I didn’t want to be “that girl”.