My photography past

Back in high school I was the designated photographer for the school’s news-magazine, The Viking. I loved it so much that eventually I became the photo editor my last year and had so much fun with it. I would take pictures at football games on the sidelines or in the bleachers at pep rallies. I took cover photos and portraits and even won a few honorable mentions for my pictures at a VHSL conference held every year. I would also get to go in on special meetings held at school and in DC and meet with professional news photographers and learn about photography. I also did my own pictures. I really loved landscapes and action shots so I would do that in my free time. So pretty much my past with photography is a great one however once I came to college I stopped using my nice camera and used my smartphone more simply out of convenience. I still do take a lot of pictures to capture memories so I can remember stories but I’m not as focused about lighting and angles and symmetry and things of that nature. For this class however, I’m going to dust off my Canon and become the photographer I once was.

That’s Not What I Expected

This is my first ever visual assignment I am doing! Can you guess what this is? Hint: It’s not just simply Captain America! I chose this assignment because I love taking pictures, especially close ups. Now since it isn’t warm or nice and snowy out I had to settle on something indoors that I really liked. If there’s one thing you should know about me it’s that I love most Marvel movies so I thought taking a picture of this would be fun! This doesn’t necessarily relate to the Western theme but if there was a sheriff in town, I would definitely hope it would be Captain America. I simply used my phone camera, took a picture and uploaded it to flickr. and then embedded it into this post. Can’t wait to see what you all guess!