How I saved the world…. (The DS106 world that is)

So every week we always have daily creates. This week we were required to do three and then post each of them in one blog post and make a story for them, so here’s my story about the day I, named Tara for the story, saved the DS106 world with the daily creates I did.

It was a wonderful April evening, the birds were chirping, the grill was cooking dinner, and Tara Powerpuff was enjoying a book on the back patio. All the sudden her secret superhero cell phone was ringing and she answered – it was Professor B. He told Tara that an unknown force was causing people to forget what DS106 (only the greatest class on the web) is. Tara hung up the phone and sprang into action!

She drove around and around until she spotted something fishy and found the force terrorizing potential students. She realized it was circle man and that the only way to stop him was with triangles! She quickly took action and formed a weapon so powerful it would stop him dead in his tracks. That weapon was a poster appreciating DS106 with triangles!

She posted it everywhere! All over social media, the town, city, state, universe! EVERYWHERE! Circle Man stood no chance, when Tara walked up to him he held his head in shame. He told Tara that he didn’t mean to make people forget, it’s just that he had no time to finish his assignments and showed Tara what his day looked like.

Tara had seen those kinds of days before but said it was no excuse to mess with people’s memories. Circle Man apologized for his behavior and said he would never do it again. He drew himself a manhole before Tara and jumped in, to never return. Tara went back home to realize she had left the grill on and had to deal with that mess. So much for her peaceful evening.


Home on the Web – 1/18 Daily Create

Today’s daily create was to write a ds106 themed verse of Home on the Range. It was too long to post on Twitter so here it is!!!

Oh, give me a web where the creative roam,
Where the student and the teacher all learn,
How audacity works or to create a cool verse,
And how to mash up a song to be heard.

Domain, domain of one’s own,
Where the creative and tech savvy go,
Where I’m free to be me, in my comforting seat,
And not a spam comment shall I know.

Bootcamp Work

So this is my first actual post with all my work embedded into it! We’re supposed to make “multi-modal” introductions and I have already done that on Twitter! My name is @wildwebds106 on there so go give it a follow!

My actual name is Tierra Dongieux and I’ll explain a little bit more about me in the YouTube clip and Sound Cloud bit further down in this post! So for my Flickr. images I posted a few of back when I went to Europe but the one I really want to share is good ol’ Clint Eastwood!

Good ol' Clint

He’s really what I think of when I hear “western”, that and horses, wagon wheels, tumble weeds and gold mines! I’ll get to more of that in my weekly summary! Meanwhile here’s my lovely Sound Cloud bit. (It’s always so weird hearing myself recorded!)

So now that you know my voice, here comes my face and all of it’s “It’s the first day of the semester” glory! If I had my bandana and cow girl hat I would’ve worn them but I left them back at home. (Don’t judge me)

And that’s all for my first post guys! There’s a face to a name now. I know it’s not super creative but all of this was a huge learning process for me! More of my thoughts and such will be in my weekly summary!