For future reference…

This is my advice to any future students of DS106!

  • ┬áDo NOT procrastinate!!! EVER! You will regret it if you do.
  • Try and complete the daily creates right when you get a new weeks worth of assignments. It’s more stressful putting them off last minute.
  • Don’t be afraid to ask for help! Tweeting and Professor Bonds were my lifelines when I was confused.
  • Comment, comment, comment! You may not understand now but you will eventually.
  • Google is your friend and so is the DS106 handbook. If there is a tutorial – WATCH IT!

This class was a boat load of work but it was enjoyable. Some days were more frustrating than others but DO NOT GIVE UP. You will get it eventually and then you will be super proud of the outcome! Also it doesn’t help to have updated technology – my dinosaur laptop was not a fan of this class, but I was! The HCC was also my favorite go-to when my laptop didn’t want to cooperate. It’s actually pretty bittersweet once you’re done with everything. You’ll learn to love this class, trust me!

Western Design

As I dive deeper into this weeks assignments I never really noticed how little I know about design. From listening to the podcast and going through the design resources provided I do feel like I have learned a good amount. I learned how color really pulls the eye, like in old western movie posters. The ones in color mostly have darker backgrounds and a red title that almost seems important to read. I also learned how typography can either make or break a design. Also in the western world it seems like there is a special western font that is used for most movie posters. Some western work utilizes white space and makes it look very clean cut while others have a lot going on that really convey what is going on in the design. Most of the artwork designs I saw were either black and white or were very neutral tones which made the piece very pleasing and almost serene. I also learned how some people have good ideas however they come out strange and useless almost. I hope that my design blitz will be able to capture everything I have learned thus far and show people exactly what I have learned.

Design and Vignelli

For the start of this week we are to learn about design through The Vignelli Canon by M.Vignelli. I knew a little bit about design due to fixing photos for my high schools news magazine and also attending design workshops but since I came to college I kind of forgot about all that. Re-reading this brought all the old information back and also taught me knew information. I didn’t know much about typography and books until reading this, although I don’t think books or letter heads will help me much in this online class. I did like the read though since it was fairly light on words and heavy on images of design. Vignelli really got me thinking of design and how much really goes into it and how it’s not just random – even though it can be. Hopefully I can accomplish some of his concepts by the end of this week or at least the end of this semester.

Brain Blast!!!!

So this post is just a nice little rough draft of what could be a good radio show. Like so rough that it’s in bullet points and this is all I have. I imagine everyone’s characters will have to tie in as well as what their characters do so these are some brief ideas.

  • a cowboy/girl murder mystery
  • Someone moving out west and their story there
  • a western mystery in general
  • a lone westerner, his companion and their adventures
  • a cowboy/girl getting revenge on someone who wronged them
  • a gold mine fiasco
  • when the west meets the future

What is a Western to me?

Well, I said it before in my post with all my introductions but I’ll say it again. When I hear the term western I think of cowboys, horses, wagons, trains, gold mines, tumble weeds and bad guys looking for trouble in towns where Sheriffs rule over all. Well obviously going through the content given, that is not always the case. Sometimes it’s the bad guy in a film that we like more than the sheriff. Also, westerns are losing their popularity it seems with several downhill opening weekends according to this article.

Other than that I can see western as being a time period back in America when everybody headed out to find something better. I can see it as a fashion style. I can also see it as a type of lifestyle. However, the most stereotypical vocabulary clogs my mind and prevents me from seeing westerns as anything other than cowboy boots and cooking beans over a fire. Hopefully this class will help me see other sides of westerns!