Weekly Summary 1/29 – 2/5

Well this is it for week four! This week was all about visuals which I had some fun with! We were required to do 3 daily creates, 2 visual assignments given to us, the option of one or another visual assignment, again given to us, six stars worth of visual assignments – one using our character, a photoblitz and then talk about cinematography and photography! It was quite a busy week and I didn’t really plan it well but I got everything done!

Up first as usual are the daily creates.

For 1/31 we had to either be optimistic or pessimistic, I was feeling a little pessimistic that day.

For 2/1 we had to draw a cactus with our eyes closed. I’m not gonna lie, mine didn’t come out as atrocious as I thought it would! This daily create was fun and made me feel like a little kid.

For 2/2 we were to take a famous Shakespeare quote and put it in cowboy lingo via a cowboy lingo translator. My original quote was “Cowards die many times before their deaths; The valiant never taste of death but once.”

Moving on from the daily creates I then worked on photography and cinematography. We were required to talk about our photography past, mine you can find here. I loved doing this because it got me thinking of all the wonderful photos I used to take. Photography was the one thing I loved doing and knew I was good at. So with these visual assignments I used my “fancy” camera and took all the pictures!

Then I did my assignment for cinematography and vocabulary. I watched The Man Who Shot Liberty Valance on Netflix. It was a great black and white western that I actually enjoyed watching. We were then asked to apply vocabulary we were given to the movie. I struggled with this a little bit just because I simply did not know whether I should just solely apply it to the movie set or if I could’ve applied it to the cast as well. Either way the movie was great and I did eventually apply some of the terms.

After all that I created my first photoblitz! I seriously had the most fun with this assignment. I do wish it had been a prettier day out for some of the pictures and I do wish some of the images had come out differently. Also Haiku Deck was causing me some technological issues but I got it sorted out in the end. I’m pretty sure my favorite image was the one of my feet describing my day. That day was pretty rough and a mess and I thought my mismatched socks with one being half off kind of just symbolized that perfectly.

I then proceeded to work on the assignments given. I wrote about what was in my character, Sally’s satchel. She had a few interesting things in there. I also love creating back stories as to why they were in there so that was enjoyable.

I also had to create a story for an image of a couple in love. I could’ve typed a whole novel for the image I chose. I never realize how creative I can be until I actually sit down and start typing out what I’m thinking. So I did enjoy this assignment as well and it wasn’t hard at all.

Next we could choose between two assignments given. I chose to recreate a famous movie scene. My mind instantly went to the Titanic but I decided to do the Shining instead. I grabbed my chopping knife and took the best recreation photo I could. I couldn’t stop laughing because her face is just so funny but I eventually got a decent shot!

And last but not least were six stars worth of assignments. I decided to do a 3.5 star one and a 2.5 star one. The 3.5 start one I incorporated my character Sally into. We were required to make art with very limited “tools”. I did my best at attempting to show her pouring a shot however I just looks kind of weird. The 2.5 star one was to pull out one color in a picture of a room I took. I pulled out the color red. This assignment proved to be the most challenging for me simply because I couldn’t remember how to do that effect. Thankfully Google was there to help me out.

All in all this weeks assignments were enjoyable simply because I love using my camera. Some proved to be harder than others but I learned and finished them all. I do feel as though I hadn’t planned out this week as well as I had hoped and I’m thinking that this is still only just the beginning so hopefully this next week will go smoother!

Weekly Summary 1/22 – 1/29

Wow, it’s been three weeks since I started this crazy rodeo and I feel like I have done/learned so much! This week was literally “writing the rodeo”! I love writing and I love creative writing at that so this week was pretty fun for me! Below you’ll be able to see everything I created this past week! Up first are three daily creates I did!

On 1/23 I created a western road sign. Mine means CAUTION: Shoot out possible up ahead.

On 1/24 we had to re-create our best Duke selfie. If only I had brought my cowgirl hat and bandanna from home!

For 1/25 we were to create some sort of media in remembrance for Bonnie McCarroll, this was the outcome for me.

For the rest of the week we were to write about two westerns, write about the shape of stories, create our own character, pick an assignment out of three given and then do 6 stars worth of writing! Below this little blurb is a link to each one of my 6 stars worth of writing.

One of the assignments I picked was to recall the day we had to move-in. It was an emotional one to say the least!

Another one I did was a bucket list. I never realized how hard it was to narrow down 5 things I want to do with my life.

The third assignment to complete six stars worth was writing a letter to myself, just being 10 years older. I’m not going to lie, it really got me thinking about my future. I gave myself a few options as to what I hope I’m doing 10 years down the road but I honestly have no idea what the future holds!

For the three assignments we were given, I chose the one where I wrote a letter to my Mom. I got super emotional writing it just because it made me miss her more than I already do.

I then proceeded to create my very own western character! I had a lot of fun making er up and giving her a back story and everything! I can’t wait to use her in future assignments!

After letting my creative side go wild I read and listened to some western stories. I really enjoyed both of them. Even though both were grouped under the western genre I wouldn’t have considered the one I read a western. Sure it took place in the west and they talked like they were from the west but I guess since it wasn’t stereotypical I didn’t peg it as western. Listening to Gun Smoke however, had everything I think a western is.

After reading and listening, I watched the shape of stories on YouTube and then read another western and compared it to the video I watched. It was kind of hard to apply the story to the models given in the video but I attempted to!

After all this writing, I’m kind of excited to get into different forms of media and not just typing down words!

Weekly Summary 1/15-1/22

I did January 16, 17 and 18th’s daily create and they were actually really fun! The 16th one is right above. It was to find something most would see ordinary yet you see quite beautiful. Of course I took a picture of my apartments Keurig. It’s a pretty ordinary object yet it wakes me up and caffeinates me every morning which is a beautiful thing. Especially since I’m a grump until I get my coffee.

For January 17th’s daily create it was to make an audio or visual of our own cowboy/girl name on one of the many google apps that does that. Here’s mine, she sounds pretty swanky if you ask me.

For January 18th’s daily create we had to take the song Home on the Range and put a ds106 twist to it. I spent a good 20 minutes coming up with rhymes and this was the best I could think of. You can find my version right below!

Home on the Web – 1/18 Daily Create

My next few little inserts will be the three assignments we were to do. I chose web, writing and visual simply because they were fun for me! Neither really have anything to do with the Western theme but I imagine we’ll be required to later on.

That’s Not What I Expected

This one above was my first ever visual assignment! It didn’t take me too long, just snapped a picture and hope to see people guessing what it is!

My second assignment was a web assignment that involved using Pinterest (which I love!). It was to design your own dream room and I made mine pretty out of the box yet classy and sophisticated, filled with books and plants!

Dream Room

For my last assignment I did a writing one. It was a haiku about myself or my favorite hobby. I decided to do it about weight lifting, which is my favorite thing to do, other than shoving my face with food. And by the way P.R. stands for personal record, just in case you already read the poem and didn’t know what I was talking about!

A Haiku About You

And that’s all I have! Week two is done and dusted. I think I’m getting a better hang on this whole thing! It’s also a lot of fun to see what other classmates are bringing to the table. Can’t wait for week three!




Weekly Summary 1/11-1/15

So this is my first weekly summary! Wahoo! I learned a whole lot and have a feeling that I’ll get into the rhythm of all this madness eventually! I finally get to use my domain and blog daily, which has been a goal of mine. I learned how to use Sound Cloud and hopefully will perfect my YouTube videos! This post below shows all of my work I did for this entire week with the exception of what I think a western is, even though I do get into that. I don’t really know if I’m supposed to post my weekly summary like the post below or if I should just keep it short paragraphs? So there’s one of my questions! I’m sure more will come along the way.

Bootcamp Work

I had obviously heard this class is hard and a lot of work but I also heard it is fun so I’m pretty excited. Nothing was too hard for me since I am pretty familiar with everything we are working with however, at the beginning of the course my domain wouldn’t work so that was a little frustrating. The hardest thing I think will be the sheer work load I have heard we get and the fact that everything is due Friday and not Sunday and that I have four other classes and a job to keep up with. Another thing I don’t think I fully understand is the RSS feed. What is that?! I also wanted a little Twitter feed on my blog as well as links to my flickr., Sound Cloud and YouTube but I couldn’t figure that out. Maybe I will eventually. I am looking forward to hopefully making decent videos and just creating cool western things in general! Here’s to a great semester!