Bootcamp Work

So this is my first actual post with all my work embedded into it! We’re supposed to make “multi-modal” introductions and I have already done that on Twitter! My name is @wildwebds106 on there so go give it a follow!

My actual name is Tierra Dongieux and I’ll explain a little bit more about me in the YouTube clip and Sound Cloud bit further down in this post! So for my Flickr. images I posted a few of back when I went to Europe but the one I really want to share is good ol’ Clint Eastwood!

Good ol' Clint

He’s really what I think of when I hear “western”, that and horses, wagon wheels, tumble weeds and gold mines! I’ll get to more of that in my weekly summary! Meanwhile here’s my lovely Sound Cloud bit. (It’s always so weird hearing myself recorded!)

So now that you know my voice, here comes my face and all of it’s “It’s the first day of the semester” glory! If I had my bandana and cow girl hat I would’ve worn them but I left them back at home. (Don’t judge me)

And that’s all for my first post guys! There’s a face to a name now. I know it’s not super creative but all of this was a huge learning process for me! More of my thoughts and such will be in my weekly summary!



One thought on “Bootcamp Work”

  1. Nice start Tierra – you took the biggest step – you followed thru and did the first challenges.

    Looking forward to seeing your creations and the growth you will experience in a short time. In a couple of months you will come back to this post and realize how much you grew and all because you took the jump.

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