Home on the Web – 1/18 Daily Create

Today’s daily create was to write a ds106 themed verse of Home on the Range. It was too long to post on Twitter so here it is!!!

Oh, give me a web where the creative roam,
Where the student and the teacher all learn,
How audacity works or to create a cool verse,
And how to mash up a song to be heard.

Domain, domain of oneโ€™s own,
Where the creative and tech savvy go,
Where Iโ€™m free to be me, in my comforting seat,
And not a spam comment shall I know.

3 thoughts on “Home on the Web – 1/18 Daily Create”

    1. Oh no yours isn’t bad at all! My Dad and I always make up random lyrics to popular song tunes so it’s kind of this habit I do occasionally! It’s just a lame party trick so to speak! But thank you! ๐Ÿ™‚

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