Brain Blast!!!!

So this post is just a nice little rough draft of what could be a good radio show. Like so rough that it’s in bullet points and this is all I have. I imagine everyone’s characters will have to tie in as well as what their characters do so these are some brief ideas.

  • a cowboy/girl murder mystery
  • Someone moving out west and their story there
  • a western mystery in general
  • a lone westerner, his companion and their adventures
  • a cowboy/girl getting revenge on someone who wronged them
  • a gold mine fiasco
  • when the west meets the future

7 thoughts on “Brain Blast!!!!”

  1. These ideas sound interesting! My character’s story goes along the lines of the “moving out West” idea. I like the lone westerner and mystery ideas especially, though. Did you have any other strains of thought for more specific thought?

    1. I really like the idea of a western mystery! Like having someone moving out west who happens to be a detective help a little town in need – kind of like Sleepy Hollow plot but western themed.

  2. I love it! It could be kind of a creepy situation, maybe the detective meets up with some western-oriented person or two to help with the mystery.
    What kind of mystery would it be to drag a poor detective out into the Wild West?

    1. I have no clue haha maybe something keeps missing or random murders are happening and no one knows why so it’s up to the detective and the friends he’s made in the town to figure it out!

          1. Of course! I’d like to work on a similar track, and at least establishing this rough idea is good enough before the midterm.

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