Western Design

As I dive deeper into this weeks assignments I never really noticed how little I know about design. From listening to the podcast and going through the design resources provided I do feel like I have learned a good amount. I learned how color really pulls the eye, like in old western movie posters. The ones in color mostly have darker backgrounds and a red title that almost seems important to read. I also learned how typography can either make or break a design. Also in the western world it seems like there is a special western font that is used for most movie posters. Some western work utilizes white space and makes it look very clean cut while others have a lot going on that really convey what is going on in the design. Most of the artwork designs I saw were either black and white or were very neutral tones which made the piece very pleasing and almost serene. I also learned how some people have good ideas however they come out strange and useless almost. I hope that my design blitz will be able to capture everything I have learned thus far and show people exactly what I have learned.

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