What is a Western to me?

Well, I said it before in my post with all my introductions but I’ll say it again. When I hear the term western I think of cowboys, horses, wagons, trains, gold mines, tumble weeds and bad guys looking for trouble in towns where Sheriffs rule over all. Well obviously going through the content given, that is not always the case. Sometimes it’s the bad guy in a film that we like more than the sheriff. Also, westerns are losing their popularity it seems with several downhill opening weekends according to this article.

Other than that I can see western as being a time period back in America when everybody headed out to find something better. I can see it as a fashion style. I can also see it as a type of lifestyle. However, the most stereotypical vocabulary clogs my mind and prevents me from seeing westerns as anything other than cowboy boots and cooking beans over a fire. Hopefully this class will help me see other sides of westerns!

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