For this assignment I had my character Sally voice a commercial for a cleaning product she uses. It was once her clean, pristine saloon’s well kept cleaning secret that is now out for sale at her saloon, Tumbleweed. Made with her secret cleaning ingredients, Sally claims that it cleans anything and everything! Listen below to hear more about Scrub-a-dub-bub! I chose this assignment one because we need a commercial for our radio show and two I thought a cleaner for a saloon owner would be the perfect product to sell. The audio you hear in the background is from

This assignment is worth 3.5 stars.

Shot’s life

For this assignment my character Sally “Shot” talks about her daily life and what she does. It’s nothing too fancy as she puts it. She talks about getting up and ready for work but not until the kids are in school since she works late into the night most nights. She talks about what she eats and what the jobs are when she heads to her saloon. She also seems pretty fun when the days are slow and if the weather is bad her and her staff get along well. She also talks about where she lives and briefly mentions her puppy dog. To get more information about Shot’s life give her day a listen down below!

This assignment was worth 2.5 stars.

Sneak Peak of our Radio Show

For this assignment Sally narrated a radio bumper for her upcoming group show by The Gals of the West. The background music is from This is hopefully to be used in the final radio show product with a commercial following this bumper. I really wish my laptop microphone wasn’t so bad because at the beginning Sally’s “voice” sounds like she is about to cry but it’s just because the quality is a little choppy.

This assignment is 3.5 stars.

Whistle while ya work

This week is all about the creation of our very own ds106 radio show, however this first assignment has no connection to it whatsoever so I decided to get it out of the way. This was a snippet of me whistling a song that always gets stuck in my head and it’s sung by today’s pop “Queen”.  Can you guess what I am “attempting” to whistle??

This assignment was worth 1.5 stars

Big Mac and a french fry Frosty

For this assignment I was to stage a fast food order taking place. I edited my voice so that the two sound differently when I speak so you can distinguish between the worker and customer. The customer’s order was complicated and half the things she ordered aren’t even from the same place. She also was from some random foreign country so I’m sure the rest of the experience was interesting.

1.5 stars

Starbucks Lovers

For this assignment we were to sing along to a song we used to get the lyrics wrong to. Taylor Swift’s Blank Space to the music world by storm and whenever it came on I would try my hardest to sing every correct word. However, one part where she says “got a long list of ex lovers” I never knew what the heck she was saying. I really thought she mumbled some gibberish and then said Starbucks lovers! I recorded this with audacity and simply played a cover of Blank Space while recording. Hope I’m not too tone deaf for you all and see if you can hear where I mumble and say it!

This was 3.5 stars

Sally’s sounds

For this assignment we were required to tell a story of only sounds while using our character. This story is of Sally and her daily life, just without words. All the sounds used are from I started off this project by writing this here post you’re reading and thinking of how I am going to show Sally’s everyday life. I decided that I wanted to start off with how she wakes up, the school lunch bell, she yawns. Since she owns a bar she doesn’t have to wake up early so she generally wakes up around noon, since she has late nights. She rides her horse down to the saloon – which is normally a 30 minute walk but since she got her own horse it only takes 10 minutes. She opens up the saloon and begins setting up the chairs and tables and setting the bottles and glasses. Once the end of school bell chimes, which normally means work is over, the place starts to fill up and there’s all sorts of business going on. Glasses are clinking and good times are being had. Around 1 a.m. there’s a loud whistle, almost like a train, that signifies you need to get up and out of the bar because they’re closing. Once everyone’s out all you hear are the crickets in the night and Sally galloping on home to get some shut eye and do it all again the next day.

This was worth 3.5 stars.

Sally’s Saloon

This assignment I decided Sally should talk about her saloon a little bit since not many know of this fine establishment! Sally has a great place just her rough housing brothers may put a damper on things! This assignment wasn’t hard, the hardest part was coming up with what to say. Other than that I used a western lingo generator and audacity to complete this task.

Don’t move a muscle!

We were assigned to do a radio bumper this week and here’s mine! It’s obviously nothing special and my laptop fan is loud as heck and I have no idea how to fix that but here it is!

I tried to go for that western vibe but I think I just sound kind of funny. I did have a lot of fun making this, the only boring part was having to download everything and get it all set up. Also the audio help pages were of great use. I used a campfire crackle sound in the back from freesound to get that western-y feel.