Sneak Peak of our Radio Show

For this assignment Sally narrated a radio bumper for her upcoming group show by The Gals of the West. The background music is from This is hopefully to be used in the final radio show product with a commercial following this bumper. I really wish my laptop microphone wasn’t so bad because at the beginning Sally’s “voice” sounds like she is about to cry but it’s just because the quality is a little choppy.

This assignment is 3.5 stars.

Don’t move a muscle!

We were assigned to do a radio bumper this week and here’s mine! It’s obviously nothing special and my laptop fan is loud as heck and I have no idea how to fix that but here it is!

I tried to go for that western vibe but I think I just sound kind of funny. I did have a lot of fun making this, the only boring part was having to download everything and get it all set up. Also the audio help pages were of great use. I used a campfire crackle sound in the back from freesound to get that western-y feel.