Sally’s sounds

For this assignment we were required to tell a story of only sounds while using our character. This story is of Sally and her daily life, just without words. All the sounds used are from I started off this project by writing this here post you’re reading and thinking of how I am going to show Sally’s everyday life. I decided that I wanted to start off with how she wakes up, the school lunch bell, she yawns. Since she owns a bar she doesn’t have to wake up early so she generally wakes up around noon, since she has late nights. She rides her horse down to the saloon – which is normally a 30 minute walk but since she got her own horse it only takes 10 minutes. She opens up the saloon and begins setting up the chairs and tables and setting the bottles and glasses. Once the end of school bell chimes, which normally means work is over, the place starts to fill up and there’s all sorts of business going on. Glasses are clinking and good times are being had. Around 1 a.m. there’s a loud whistle, almost like a train, that signifies you need to get up and out of the bar because they’re closing. Once everyone’s out all you hear are the crickets in the night and Sally galloping on home to get some shut eye and do it all again the next day.

This was worth 3.5 stars.