Vocabulary and Cinematography

For this assignment I watched The Man Who Shot Liberty Valance which was on Netflix. We were then given a list of terms to find and see whether they were in the movie or not. The terms were:

•   selection
•   contrast
•   perspective
•   depth
•   balance
•   moment
•   lighting
•   foreground/background

I found many of these terms so what I am going to do is write the term and what I personally think it’s definition is and then I will relate it back to the movie. I know most of the terms are supposed to be about the movie and the way it was filmed but I did find a few to be applicable to the cast however I will save that for another time. I found that lighting created a type of mood. For example, if Hallie was longing after Tom the lighting would be right on her face and he would be in the dark. Foreground and background were also prominent in the movie, the main characters were always in the front while the others were in the back. Moments were created with lighting as explained above. Also, zooming in on faces when it was serious would create a mood. I don’t really know what selection means but if it’s the selection of who played what and where, that was excellent within this film. Overall this film was great and definitely earned the rating it had on Netflix. It was everything a good ol’ western would be!