Don’t tell my Mom

For this week we are to do 10 stars worth of design assignments. My first one is designing my own tattoo! I’ve actually wanted a couple tattoo’s but I can’t get them just yet because of an ultimatum I was given from my Mom. But the one I designed below says “She is strong.” in Gaelic. I used to Irish dance and had learned how to handle so many complicated situations I thought it was fitting. I also drew a thing barbell below since I also love fitness and weight lifting so being strong is a must. I picked the color effects for a reason. Blue for when I am sad I can always remember that the situation will make me stronger. Pink for when I am happy whether it be in the gym or watching my siblings dance. A sharpened version for when I need to truly remember these words. And original, because there is no one quite like me and I need to remember that. I do plan on getting this tattoo on my upper left side of my back however the cursive will be the artists not mine.


This assignment was worth three stars.