How to make a shoe!

For my last assignment of this week I am going to provide you with a tutorial from an assignment I did awhile back. It’s a desgin assignment on making your own custom shoe. The assignment is not too challenging but I know it’s always nice to see before hand what you are going to get and understand what is where. Now if there is one think I like a lot it’s my multiple pairs of Nike’s I own. I’m slowly expanding my collection and I always love playing around on NikeID trying to make a perfect pair so I am going to show you how you can make your perfect pair too!

First step: Get onto NikeID, you can do that via Google!


Second step: You’ll be presented with a bunch of options of different types of shoes. DON’T PANIC! The little descriptions underneath give you a good idea of what shoe does what.


Third step: Once you have chosen your shoe you will have the options to customize. All the little green checks to the right of the screen help you bring up what you want to change, be it color, design or fabric!


Step 4: Get to the last check and pick out your size! Admire your handy work from all angles and then purchase those bad boys!