Weekly Summary 4/1 – 4/8

This week was all about remixes and mashups with a tutorial thrown in for good measure. As usual, daily creates up first!

April 4th: I put myself on a billboard and in front of one too.

April 5th: I had to use 3 emojis to tell a movie!

I then worked on my remix assignments. The first one was making a nostalgia piece of work and then remixing it to have a western theme. This was super simple for me. I just designed my poster on canva.com. The second assignment I did was writing a letter to my future husband, remixed as Dr.Seuss’ writing. This one was actually kind of hard for me considering I had no idea how to write like him. I had to google on how to write like him but I think I got it eventually.

The next assignments I worked on were the 12 stars worth of mashup assignments. My first one was combining two movies together. I just took two pictures and put them together in paint. I did have to YouTube how to combine them though. My second assignment was to combine three of my favorite holidays into one. Again, I used paint to combine them altogether. My last assignment to complete all my stars was to combine someone doing something similar to an emoji. I happen to walk in on my roommate studying an I combined her with a certain emoji that you can go check out!

I accidentally forgot to add in this assignment that I did. It was my tutorial!!! I showed everyone how to make a shoe personalized with screenshots and little descriptions. That completed my week of assignments!

This week was a lot of work but I enjoyed it – as usual.

How to make a shoe!

For my last assignment of this week I am going to provide you with a tutorial from an assignment I did awhile back. It’s a desgin assignment on making your own custom shoe. The assignment is not too challenging but I know it’s always nice to see before hand what you are going to get and understand what is where. Now if there is one think I like a lot it’s my multiple pairs of Nike’s I own. I’m slowly expanding my collection and I always love playing around on NikeID trying to make a perfect pair so I am going to show you how you can make your perfect pair too!

First step: Get onto NikeID, you can do that via Google!


Second step: You’ll be presented with a bunch of options of different types of shoes. DON’T PANIC! The little descriptions underneath give you a good idea of what shoe does what.


Third step: Once you have chosen your shoe you will have the options to customize. All the little green checks to the right of the screen help you bring up what you want to change, be it color, design or fabric!


Step 4: Get to the last check and pick out your size! Admire your handy work from all angles and then purchase those bad boys!




For this last mashup assignment I was to take a picture of something/someone in the moment that was similar to an emoji. I was then required to put them side by side for comparison. Well it just so happened that I walked in on my roommate being extremely studios. Like books out, notebook open, laptop running, highlighter highlighting studious. So I snapped a picture and picked the best emoji I feel that would be represented by her in real life and here it is!


This assignment was worth 4 stars.


For this mashup assignment I was to combine three of my favorite holidays into one image. I took clip art images and used paint to combine all of them. I chose St. Patrick’s Day, Thanksgiving and Christmas. I chose these three because my family and I always do something on them and they tend to be some of the busiest days for us! My family is a family of Irish dancers so you can now see why I would choose St.Patrick’s day! As far as this little leprechaun goes – he’s different. Instead of taking gold he gives out presents and steals your turkey. He comes every Thanksgiving to receive his food and every St. Patrick’s day he gives our presents you would receive at Christmas. He’s a charmer but if you’re hungry for turkey, you better hide it or he’ll steal it!


This assignment was worth 3.5 stars.

Jack? Jason?

For this assignment I decided to combine two scenes together from two movies I enjoy. It’s not as subtle as I’d like but I still think it’s quite funny. This wasn’t that hard to do however, I did have to YouTube a tutorial on how to combine two images. I used images from google an combined them in paint to create Titanic the 13th.


This assignment was worth 4.5 stars.

My future husband of busband…

For this assignment I did one more remix to complete the two remix assignments required. I decided to write a short letter to my future husband – Dr.Seuss style. I type this all up in a word document and then posted it below. Enjoy!

Dear future husband,

My name is Tierra, I’m not 100% fair-a like a princess from afar. But I can take you to a bar.

We can eat wings and watch sports, maybe even go on a yacht in a port.

I hope you will love me unconditionally, just like a little flower and a bumble-bee.

I hope you can cook (because I can’t), I’m really good at just reading books.

Other things just like that, I can hit a ball with a bat and recite cat in the hat.

I hope you join me in the car when we’re driving really far.

Maybe even join in on me singing off key and pick a song that will romance me.

We should have two children one day, a boy and girl, but not until we’ve traveled the world.

You should be kind and caring, humble and daring.

Stay loyal and true and I promise to give my 100% and all to you.


Love, your future wife (who is not Dr.Seuss)

Nostalgia with a Western twist…

For this assignment I decided to do a remix and it ended up me adding a western theme to the original. The assignment was pretty basic, it just wanted something nostalgic from your past and to create something for it. When I was younger I used to play with these little toys called Polly Pockets and every time I see one now when I’m baby sitting or walking through a store I get very nostalgic. The toy brings me back to the days when life was easy and there was always a snack and juice box waiting for me at home. I added a western twist by putting up the cowgirl Polly Pocket. All my childhood friends loved horses so this was a staple in my box of toys! I got the image from google an created this poster on canva.com.

Polly Pocket(1)

Weekly Summary 3/25 – 4/1

Videos were continued in this past week but before I get into that, here are my daily creates!

3/27: Some form of March madness. Well and Irish dancers “March madness” is constant dancing throughout the month!

3/30: A new modern ACME product = bomb icing.

3/31: A surreal landscape photo of Monument Valley made by a smartphone.

The rest of this week consisted of reading about movies/videos, which was helpful considering I would have forgotten half of what they told you to add in aka credits. Then my group and I  started and finished shooting, editing and publishing our own video we had planned for last week. It took a good amount of time to put it all together (3.5 hours to be exact) but it is done and in all it’s glory!! There are a few glitches here and there however some of the files had become “corrupt” and we had been working so hard on it we almost exploded so please, be nice and just enjoy all our hard work! Our video is right below!

We’re live people!

This entire week has been a blur of learning how to shoot, edit and publish a video but it has been accomplished!!!! I shot my portion on Tuesday and then attempted to edit it in Windows Movie Maker but I couldn’t accomplish what I had in mind. Fast forward to today, Thursday, and I finally have what I wanted my portion to look like!

Earlier this week I met with Jenna and Carlee and had a good friend of mine shoot our last scene for us and then today I say down with Lindsey and put everything together. We ran into a lot of set backs, like me forgetting my camera in my apartment, not having a “verified” YouTube channel, and trying to learn all these new programs among a few things. I seriously never knew how hard it was to shoot and edit a short film and ours was even in vlog style!

We pretty much just uploaded everything into dropbox and on one of the Macs at the HCC an then used iMovie (which I love so very much) to combine everything. Then we had to convert the file to .mov and then FINALLY upload it to YouTube. The thumbnail wouldn’t work either so we had to screenshot our intro and upload that too. It was long and tiring  but it was fun to learn nonetheless. So I present to you now, College is a Rodeo…


Weekly Summary 3/18 – 3/25

This week was all about video and man was it a learning process. But, before we get into that – here are the daily creates I completed!

3/19: Created a snippet of life around me.

3/20: Created a writing about me waking up fro a 100 year nap

Now, onto the meaty portion of this week. We were given a bunch of sources to read about so we could understand cinematography much better and then to watch a movie and do a video essay on it. I did mine on Django Unchained and loved looking at a movie in such a different perspective! Then we were required to do an assignment out of a few given. I decided on filming my hobby – which is weightlifting. So if you want to see a girl pick up 225 lbs that’s your video! Then we were given two options – do 10 stars of video assignments or form a small group and come up with a plan/film a teaser trailer. I decided on the second one and asked a couple of people from the radio group I worked in if they wanted to join in – they did! We worked on the plan all week via email and google docs and came up with a vlog style show. Then I came up with my own dorky teaser trailer which took me awhile but I finally got the hang of it! This week was hard just because I don’t know much about video but I learned a lot and can’t wait to see what next week is like!