To My Mom

This weeks assignments are mostly writing and out of three options I decided to choose this one. My Mom is my best friend and closest confidant so of course I wrote a letter to her. It got kind of “mushy-gushy” but I love her so who care! 🙂 Here’s to you Mama!

Mama D,
Words can’t even begin to describe how much I love you and how appreciative I am of your constant love, care and support. I wish I had known that back when I was a stupid teenager that you would grow to be one of my biggest fans and best friends. You always were there for me even if I would say the worst things to you. You never once left my side and always had something uplifting to say after a bad feis day or bad day in general. I know we still get into our little battles over who has your snow boots, what to eat for dinner or whether you should leave my sister alone or not, but I can never stay mad at you. You are the reason I am a clean freak and over pack when going on day trips. You never know when and ice pack comes in handy. You’re the reason I care for my friends when they aren’t feeling good because I know how wonderful it was when you did that for me. I’m awful at math just like you but I do know how to make a child listen – just like you. I call you frequently since living in an apartment because I realize how much I don’t know about living on my own. I realize how much I don’t know at all Contrary to when I used to think I knew everything. You are a walking book of useful knowledge, dumb jokes and remedies for every sickness. I love you so much and hope when I have kids that I will be just as knowledgeable and loving as you were to me. I hope, after I pick up my kids from school, I blast 80’s rock in my car and all my kids sing a long just like we did when you would pick me up from middle school. I hope they get to experience everything they could ever want because I can provide it just like you always did. I hope they learn many lessons from you and your brain filled with everything, exactly like I did. I love you Mom.
Love, Tierra

Weekly Summary 1/15-1/22

I did January 16, 17 and 18th’s daily create and they were actually really fun! The 16th one is right above. It was to find something most would see ordinary yet you see quite beautiful. Of course I took a picture of my apartments Keurig. It’s a pretty ordinary object yet it wakes me up and caffeinates me every morning which is a beautiful thing. Especially since I’m a grump until I get my coffee.

For January 17th’s daily create it was to make an audio or visual of our own cowboy/girl name on one of the many google apps that does that. Here’s mine, she sounds pretty swanky if you ask me.

For January 18th’s daily create we had to take the song Home on the Range and put a ds106 twist to it. I spent a good 20 minutes coming up with rhymes and this was the best I could think of. You can find my version right below!

Home on the Web – 1/18 Daily Create

My next few little inserts will be the three assignments we were to do. I chose web, writing and visual simply because they were fun for me! Neither really have anything to do with the Western theme but I imagine we’ll be required to later on.

That’s Not What I Expected

This one above was my first ever visual assignment! It didn’t take me too long, just snapped a picture and hope to see people guessing what it is!

My second assignment was a web assignment that involved using Pinterest (which I love!). It was to design your own dream room and I made mine pretty out of the box yet classy and sophisticated, filled with books and plants!

Dream Room

For my last assignment I did a writing one. It was a haiku about myself or my favorite hobby. I decided to do it about weight lifting, which is my favorite thing to do, other than shoving my face with food. And by the way P.R. stands for personal record, just in case you already read the poem and didn’t know what I was talking about!

A Haiku About You

And that’s all I have! Week two is done and dusted. I think I’m getting a better hang on this whole thing! It’s also a lot of fun to see what other classmates are bringing to the table. Can’t wait for week three!




Dream Room

For this assignment I decided to take to Pinterest and design my very own room! Now in the description for the assignment it says to make it as out of the box as you want, I like to say mine is out of the box chic! I’d love to have books and indoor plants everywhere and a wonderful, cozy lofted bed! Nothing like what the Westerners would sleep in. However I did add a few western accents such as pillows and cacti into the room. And who knows, maybe my large walk-n library will have Western classics in it. Check it out!

Dream Room


That’s Not What I Expected

This is my first ever visual assignment I am doing! Can you guess what this is? Hint: It’s not just simply Captain America! I chose this assignment because I love taking pictures, especially close ups. Now since it isn’t warm or nice and snowy out I had to settle on something indoors that I really liked. If there’s one thing you should know about me it’s that I love most Marvel movies so I thought taking a picture of this would be fun! This doesn’t necessarily relate to the Western theme but if there was a sheriff in town, I would definitely hope it would be Captain America. I simply used my phone camera, took a picture and uploaded it to flickr. and then embedded it into this post. Can’t wait to see what you all guess!

Home on the Web – 1/18 Daily Create

Today’s daily create was to write a ds106 themed verse of Home on the Range. It was too long to post on Twitter so here it is!!!

Oh, give me a web where the creative roam,
Where the student and the teacher all learn,
How audacity works or to create a cool verse,
And how to mash up a song to be heard.

Domain, domain of one’s own,
Where the creative and tech savvy go,
Where I’m free to be me, in my comforting seat,
And not a spam comment shall I know.

Weekly Summary 1/11-1/15

So this is my first weekly summary! Wahoo! I learned a whole lot and have a feeling that I’ll get into the rhythm of all this madness eventually! I finally get to use my domain and blog daily, which has been a goal of mine. I learned how to use Sound Cloud and hopefully will perfect my YouTube videos! This post below shows all of my work I did for this entire week with the exception of what I think a western is, even though I do get into that. I don’t really know if I’m supposed to post my weekly summary like the post below or if I should just keep it short paragraphs? So there’s one of my questions! I’m sure more will come along the way.

Bootcamp Work

I had obviously heard this class is hard and a lot of work but I also heard it is fun so I’m pretty excited. Nothing was too hard for me since I am pretty familiar with everything we are working with however, at the beginning of the course my domain wouldn’t work so that was a little frustrating. The hardest thing I think will be the sheer work load I have heard we get and the fact that everything is due Friday and not Sunday and that I have four other classes and a job to keep up with. Another thing I don’t think I fully understand is the RSS feed. What is that?! I also wanted a little Twitter feed on my blog as well as links to my flickr., Sound Cloud and YouTube but I couldn’t figure that out. Maybe I will eventually. I am looking forward to hopefully making decent videos and just creating cool western things in general! Here’s to a great semester!

What is a Western to me?

Well, I said it before in my post with all my introductions but I’ll say it again. When I hear the term western I think of cowboys, horses, wagons, trains, gold mines, tumble weeds and bad guys looking for trouble in towns where Sheriffs rule over all. Well obviously going through the content given, that is not always the case. Sometimes it’s the bad guy in a film that we like more than the sheriff. Also, westerns are losing their popularity it seems with several downhill opening weekends according to this article.

Other than that I can see western as being a time period back in America when everybody headed out to find something better. I can see it as a fashion style. I can also see it as a type of lifestyle. However, the most stereotypical vocabulary clogs my mind and prevents me from seeing westerns as anything other than cowboy boots and cooking beans over a fire. Hopefully this class will help me see other sides of westerns!

Bootcamp Work

So this is my first actual post with all my work embedded into it! We’re supposed to make “multi-modal” introductions and I have already done that on Twitter! My name is @wildwebds106 on there so go give it a follow!

My actual name is Tierra Dongieux and I’ll explain a little bit more about me in the YouTube clip and Sound Cloud bit further down in this post! So for my Flickr. images I posted a few of back when I went to Europe but the one I really want to share is good ol’ Clint Eastwood!

Good ol' Clint

He’s really what I think of when I hear “western”, that and horses, wagon wheels, tumble weeds and gold mines! I’ll get to more of that in my weekly summary! Meanwhile here’s my lovely Sound Cloud bit. (It’s always so weird hearing myself recorded!)

So now that you know my voice, here comes my face and all of it’s “It’s the first day of the semester” glory! If I had my bandana and cow girl hat I would’ve worn them but I left them back at home. (Don’t judge me)

And that’s all for my first post guys! There’s a face to a name now. I know it’s not super creative but all of this was a huge learning process for me! More of my thoughts and such will be in my weekly summary!