First Photoblitz

This is my first photoblitz!

I had a lot of fun shooting these images. Some didn’t come out the way I would’ve liked, but I have to hone in my photography skills again. I uploaded the images to flickr. and then created a Haiku Deck account so the images would upload easily. My haiku deck I embedded would not work though so I had to embed it via Twitter.


Photoblitz #1 – Created with Haiku Deck, presentation software that inspires
I realize they are not all in order however my computer was running awfully slow but here is the list I used!

  • A perfect line. Make a photo of interesting vertical, horizontal, or diagonal lines.
  • Take a photograph of someone holding an old photo of themselves.
  • Your feet, show what kind of day you’re having
  • Someone else’s artwork in an interesting way to make it yours.
  • Make an image that represents hope.
  • Change perspective! Look up make a photo of what’s going on in the sky.
  • Toilets get little respect. Make an interesting photo of a toilet (keep it G rated).