I listened.

On Tuesday, 3/15, I listened in on two radio shows. The You Might Be A Cowboy If… and WWW News Show aired that night. The first one that played was the WWW New Show which was PHENOMENAL. The hard work was apparent in this group and it sounded like a true news show. The commercials sounded so clear and professional that they could actually go on air. The background music they used was extremely well placed and kept my interest in the show. The bumpers also kept me going. The use of accents was also great and made it seem like there were a bunch of different people in on the show and not just a few. You Might Be A Cowboy If… was more of a music radio station. The first portion consisted of a small talk show/comedy show. Then all bumpers and commercials were put in between and after was three country songs. There was work put into this show but I personally feel like it needed a little bit more talking. It was good though and I really did enjoy the music selection! Tonight (3/17) is when my groups show, Turning Tumbleweeds, and I can only hope it’ll live up to these two shows I listened to!