Progress Report

This is our first week working on the radio show and I think we got a lot hammered out. Our group is named the Gals of the West and consists of 6 of our characters and they take on a murder mystery! We used Google doc to spitball ideas and come up with who is doing what. On Tuesday, 2/23, we had a little meeting over the google doc to come up with our plot, who is assembling the audio and when things are due, how long each segment will be, what bumpers and commercials will be used and things of that nature. Everyone has been really active throughout the entire process and I send out summary emails and reminders when they are needed. All in all this week was just about planning and finishing up our bumpers and commercials and we did just that. Over spring break I believe we will all work on our portion of the show and then have it all compiled during the week after.