My future husband of busband…

For this assignment I did one more remix to complete the two remix assignments required. I decided to write a short letter to my future husband – Dr.Seuss style. I type this all up in a word document and then posted it below. Enjoy!

Dear future husband,

My name is Tierra, I’m not 100% fair-a like a princess from afar. But I can take you to a bar.

We can eat wings and watch sports, maybe even go on a yacht in a port.

I hope you will love me unconditionally, just like a little flower and a bumble-bee.

I hope you can cook (because I can’t), I’m really good at just reading books.

Other things just like that, I can hit a ball with a bat and recite cat in the hat.

I hope you join me in the car when we’re driving really far.

Maybe even join in on me singing off key and pick a song that will romance me.

We should have two children one day, a boy and girl, but not until we’ve traveled the world.

You should be kind and caring, humble and daring.

Stay loyal and true and I promise to give my 100% and all to you.


Love, your future wife (who is not Dr.Seuss)

Nostalgia with a Western twist…

For this assignment I decided to do a remix and it ended up me adding a western theme to the original. The assignment was pretty basic, it just wanted something nostalgic from your past and to create something for it. When I was younger I used to play with these little toys called Polly Pockets and every time I see one now when I’m baby sitting or walking through a store I get very nostalgic. The toy brings me back to the days when life was easy and there was always a snack and juice box waiting for me at home. I added a western twist by putting up the cowgirl Polly Pocket. All my childhood friends loved horses so this was a staple in my box of toys! I got the image from google an created this poster on

Polly Pocket(1)