Shaping stories

After watching the Shape of Stories I read “The Bride Comes to Yellow Sky” by Stephen Crane. This western did not necessarily fit the Shape of Stories plot due to it being two stories within one, but each individual story fit into the models that were shown in the video. The story was split into three sections the start and end consisted of a Marshall and his wife and the middle consisted of men in a bar. The husband and wife pair started off going well, or on the upwards curve and then dropped when they were help up at gun point. After the situation was cleared up the story leveled back out onto a generally happy ending. The middle section with the men in the bar started off grim and never really had a good ending until the drunk man with a gun was eventually stopped. After watching the video on the shape of stories it really put into perspective how many things I have read that really do end on a positive note. Also how they are all similarly shaped. It will be interesting to see if e read anymore that end on a negative note!