Watch me lift, now watch me…. lift again….

In my bio/intro post I talk about my favorite thing to do which is lifting. For our assignments this week we were required to pick an assignment that was given to us and I decided to do my favorite hobby. And like I just said before, my hobby is literally walking to the gym and picking up heavy objects and then walking home. Being strong makes me happy and when I’m at the gym I set aside all my stress and focus on the weights. It is my break from the world and that’s why I do it. The gym is fairly empty on Sunday mornings so I decided to bring my Canon with me to film myself doing deadlifts. I simply set up my camera on a box, aimed it at yours truly and had my best friend hit record. I used Windows Movie Maker to cut the video down and added Eric Church’s – Jack Daniel song over so you can’t here me ask if it was recording or hear the weight slamming down. This was just a double at 225lbs, nothing special. I promise I did more, after this double people started coming in and I didn’t want to be “that girl”.