We’re live people!

This entire week has been a blur of learning how to shoot, edit and publish a video but it has been accomplished!!!! I shot my portion on Tuesday and then attempted to edit it in Windows Movie Maker but I couldn’t accomplish what I had in mind. Fast forward to today, Thursday, and I finally have what I wanted my portion to look like!

Earlier this week I met with Jenna and Carlee and had a good friend of mine shoot our last scene for us and then today I say down with Lindsey and put everything together. We ran into a lot of set backs, like me forgetting my camera in my apartment, not having a “verified” YouTube channel, and trying to learn all these new programs among a few things. I seriously never knew how hard it was to shoot and edit a short film and ours was even in vlog style!

We pretty much just uploaded everything into dropbox and on one of the Macs at the HCC an then used iMovie (which I love so very much) to combine everything. Then we had to convert the file to .mov and then FINALLY upload it to YouTube. The thumbnail wouldn’t work either so we had to screenshot our intro and upload that too. It was long and tiringĀ  but it was fun to learn nonetheless. So I present to you now, College is a Rodeo…