A picture’s worth a thousand words


For this assignment we were to find a picture of a couple in love and create a back story to it. I just googled a picture for this and the one above was the one I liked the most. Here goes my extremely made up story about them!

It was August 10th, 9:34 a.m., Josie had just woken up. She lived in a small apartment with her boyfriend Ryan, however he was deployed, and had been for a year, so she was waking up alone again. She got up, made some coffee and toast and sat out on the small balcony that over looked the ocean. It was a Saturday and she had nowhere to hurry off to since Ryan was coming home at some point that week so she took off work. It had been a stressful week since each day was passing at the blink of an eye and there was still no word from him or of him. He normally had his phone or his laptop but his phone fell and broke and he couldn’t get in contact with her unless it was through email. Since he had been traveling back to the states he hadn’t been able to talk to her in 2 weeks.

She checked her cell to see if his parents had texted her saying that they were on their way to pick her up and all of them would go to the airport. No such text came, so she went about her usual day. She cleaned the apartment, went to the gym, walked their dog and read a good book. Her best friend Shauna called her and made plans for them to meet up for lunch. Josie was apprehensive at first since she wanted to be home for when she got the text, but it had been almost a week and she could use a little socializing and some good food. Her and Shauna were to meet at the cutest little Bistro in town near a flower shop. It had been Josie’s favorite since that’s where she met Ryan. He was waiting tables and Josie happened to be at one of the tables he was assigned. He flirted but she had no desire to be charmed by him. Eventually he woo’d her enough to go on a date and the rest is history.

When Josie showed up Shauna was nowhere in sight. Nor was anyone else at the Bistro or in the flower shop or anywhere. Josie quickly became concerned and all of the sudden a song started playing from the speaker system at the Bistro. It was her and Ryan’s song, a slow duet of two pianos. It was their first dance at a friends wedding they had attended. Josie heard footsteps and coming out of the flower shop was Ryan with the biggest bouquet of roses she had ever seen. She ran towards him and hugged him, lightly crying into his neck. He picked her up and put her in front of himself and he got down on one knee. He proposed, she said yes, and the picture above was captured by Shauna. It turns out Ryan had been home since Monday but he wanted to propose in a wonderful way. Josie had never been happier and the rest is history.