Supernatural Sewing

So for this week the required assignment was to find a web page and make it our own. Or the Storytelling Within the Web assignment. First I had to download the X Ray Goggles which was simple since I use Firefox on the regular. I then went and searched for a CraigsList Ad to mess up and I found an old antique sewing machine that I decided to mess around with! Now I don’t think I have mentioned this before but one of the shows I’ve been watching on Netflix is Supernatural and so I decided to make my new ad based off of the show. If you don’t know anything about the show – long story short – two brothers hunt the supernatural and save the world. I decided to use one of their episodes and pretend it was a haunted antique in that episode. Here’s the IMDb site of that specific episode in case anyone was curious. Basically I used Craigslist, made it Supernaturallist and went from there. This assignment was fun just because I actually got to mess around with a webpage and not be too terribly confuse by code and what not. But without having you all read much longer I give you my new remixed ad in a screenshot and the link below!


Supernatural Sewing Ad