Weekly Summary 4/8/16 – 4/15/16

This week was all about web assignments and I had so.much.fun! But before I get into that, daily creates! This week was different though because we had to make a story and use our daily creates within that so they are all combined into one marvelous post!

The required assignment of the week was to do Storytelling Within the Web. This was a lot of fun for me and I ramble on more about how I loved using the Goggles and my love for Supernatural so that’s an interesting post.

Then we were required to do 10 stars worth of web assignments. The first one that I did was create a BuzzFeed Quiz for 4.5 stars. This assignment was actually the hardest one I had to do and took up a lot of time. I almost gave up on it but I didn’t, so please go take that quiz! The second assignment I did was create a resume for my character Sally. It was worth 3 stars and I really had fun with this one, probably because it isn’t a resume for myself. The last assignment I did was a little like the required one we were given. I had to use the X Ray goggles and create my own search engine. I pretty much took Google and made it for desperate college kids who keep procrastinating. This was worth 3.5 starts giving me a total of 11 stars at the end. I had a lot of fun this week and even though I’m so over this semester I have been enjoying this class a lot!

Weekly Summary 4/1 – 4/8

This week was all about remixes and mashups with a tutorial thrown in for good measure. As usual, daily creates up first!

April 4th: I put myself on a billboard and in front of one too.

April 5th: I had to use 3 emojis to tell a movie!

I then worked on my remix assignments. The first one was making a nostalgia piece of work and then remixing it to have a western theme. This was super simple for me. I just designed my poster on canva.com. The second assignment I did was writing a letter to my future husband, remixed as Dr.Seuss’ writing. This one was actually kind of hard for me considering I had no idea how to write like him. I had to google on how to write like him but I think I got it eventually.

The next assignments I worked on were the 12 stars worth of mashup assignments. My first one was combining two movies together. I just took two pictures and put them together in paint. I did have to YouTube how to combine them though. My second assignment was to combine three of my favorite holidays into one. Again, I used paint to combine them altogether. My last assignment to complete all my stars was to combine someone doing something similar to an emoji. I happen to walk in on my roommate studying an I combined her with a certain emoji that you can go check out!

I accidentally forgot to add in this assignment that I did. It was my tutorial!!! I showed everyone how to make a shoe personalized with screenshots and little descriptions. That completed my week of assignments!

This week was a lot of work but I enjoyed it – as usual.

Weekly Summary 3/25 – 4/1

Videos were continued in this past week but before I get into that, here are my daily creates!

3/27: Some form of March madness. Well and Irish dancers “March madness” is constant dancing throughout the month!

3/30: A new modern ACME product = bomb icing.

3/31: A surreal landscape photo of Monument Valley made by a smartphone.

The rest of this week consisted of reading about movies/videos, which was helpful considering I would have forgotten half of what they told you to add in aka credits. Then my group and I  started and finished shooting, editing and publishing our own video we had planned for last week. It took a good amount of time to put it all together (3.5 hours to be exact) but it is done and in all it’s glory!! There are a few glitches here and there however some of the files had become “corrupt” and we had been working so hard on it we almost exploded so please, be nice and just enjoy all our hard work! Our video is right below!

Weekly Summary 3/11 – 3/18

This week was the week of the radio show broadcast. Our show airs tonight (Thursday, 3/17) but I did listen in on Tuesday’s show and it was great! The World Wide Western news was amazing. It sounded very professional and exactly like a real news show. The second show sounded very much like a music radio station. They had a brief talk show followed up by commercials, bumpers and music. More of my live reaction tweets can be found on my twitter. While also listening to radio shows we were required to do 10 stars worth of collaboration assignments and three daily creates. As usual daily creates are up first!

3/11 We were given an image and we required to put a soundtrack to it.:

3/12 This day we were to pick two items we would take to space and put them in a collage.:

3/13 This daily create was to show a mole hill or a mountain in an image:

Next are the three assignments I did that add up to be 11 stars! The first collaborative assignment I did was visual. It was a camp poster I made with my character and Angus, another character. I made the poster on canva.com and decided it would be a shooting camp! I actually like the poster a lot that I would probably consider going. This was worth 3.5 stars.

For the second assignment I did a design collaboration. It was a missing poster I designed on canva.com. The missing person was a character named Tallie, who I just so happened to work on the radio show with. This assignment was worth 3.5 stars.

The last assignment I did was a writing assignment. It was two characters emailing each other back and forth. I actually did this with another girl whom I worked on the radio show with, Lindsey. We had this idea of doing a sequel to our radio show and it ended up pretty awesome! Also if you caught the back to the future vibe, bravo to you. This assignment was worth 4 stars.

This week wasn’t bad at all and was quite enjoyable!

Weekly Summary 3/4 – 3/11

This week and spring break were dedicated to making our radio show. I happened to finish all my segments before and during spring break. More about the radio show is in my second progress report. This week we were also required to do two daily creates which you can find below!

On 3/7 we were to create a gif of a cow which is my favorite animal! I used giphy and created this sassy cow gif!

On 3/8 we were required to look at a picture given a make a story for it in one tweet. This is what I came up with.

This week wasn’t hard at all and I think that is because I got most of it done rather early and the group I am in has such a wonderful work ethic/dynamic that it’s making the radio show go smoothly. Hopefully next week isn’t super crazy!

Weekly Summary 2/19 – 2/26

This week was all about audio, design and coming up with a radio show. It was a lot of work and the radio show is nowhere near done but I did do a lot of fun things this week. First up, surprise, three daily creates!

2/21: Create our own words of wisdom poster like Loesje.

2/22: We were to create a story line using only hashtags.

2/23: We were to take a selfie with a clock that says 1:06. Mine was more of a “thumb-fie” since I didn’t check the daily create until after 1:06.

The rest of the week we were to get into groups and work on our radio show. We were to create a promo which involved design, I used canva.com to create a poster invitation. Then I talked about our progress in a little report I typed up which showed what we used to come up with our ideas and what not. Besides just working on the show we were assigned to do 10 stars of audio with 5 relating to our character. Most of mine happened to relate to my character Sally and I also can use them in the radio show. I did a commercial on Sally’s own cleaning mix called SCRUB-A-DUB-BUB that she sells at her saloon, Tumbleweed. Then I also made a radio bumper with Sally speaking about the show. The last one that related to my character was a day in her life. She talks about a whole lot like what she does, what she eats, and where she lives. Then I did another assignment to complete my stars was an audio assignment that required me to whistle a song that gets stuck in my head a lot, so go and try to figure that out. This week was a lot but I enjoyed it and can’t wait to see what the final show sounds like.

Weekly Summary 2/5 – 2/12

This entire week was all about audio, something I never really have done anything with or focused much on. I learned a lot, like, a LOT! I have my audio reflection on what I learned via a story about the moon and through my first ever ds106 radio experience so you can check that out! We were also required to do three daily creates which you can see below!

The daily create for 2/6 was to wish someone well in western lingo!

For 2/7 we were to add to the cowboy rules! Mine was a classic Woody the cowboy rule!

Finally for 2/9 we were to create and price our own invention. I couldn’t think of anything until I went to put on my makeup and was looking for a certain lipstick (I have a lot) and couldn’t find it and wish I had something to hold them all in one spot. Boom. Lip stick storage container.

For the rest of our assignments we were to do a radio bumper, two assigned audio assignments and 8 stars worth of audio as well as brain storm ideas for future radio shows.

My radio bumper was actually used in the show I listened to on 2/9 so that was really cool! I really liked making it however, I do wish you couldn’t hear my lap top fan going in the background. I’m sure I’ll figure out how to make it sound clearer some how.

Out of assignments given I did Rooty Tooty Speech of the West with a twist. I made it about my character Sally and her job! It wasn’t hard to make at all like I said in the description. The hardest part was figuring out what to say.

Then we were required to make a sound effects story. This had to be about our character so I made mine about a normal day for Sally. It was a bit challenging at first since I never have used Audacity in such a “fancy” way but I got the hang of it and started having fun after I understood. I’m sure my knowledge will increase as the semester goes on.

I did two other assignments to count towards my 8 stars. One was about lyrics that we misheard. I sang along to Taylor Swifts’ Blank Space so if you want to listen to my tone deaf voice go right ahead! The second assignment I did was to record myself being foreign and placing a difficult order at a fast food restaurant. I had a lot of fun with that one, coming up with an accent and making no sense was just enjoyable!

Then there were my ideas for a radio show. I came up with a few and decided I really liked a murder mystery western one. Something a long the lines of the Sleepy Hollow (Johnny Depp version) movie. I feel like that could be a lot of fun to listen to on the radio! I actually have one person on board so I’m pretty pumped for it! Like I have said a lot, this week was fun and I learned a whole lot about audio that I never knew before.

Weekly Summary 1/29 – 2/5

Well this is it for week four! This week was all about visuals which I had some fun with! We were required to do 3 daily creates, 2 visual assignments given to us, the option of one or another visual assignment, again given to us, six stars worth of visual assignments – one using our character, a photoblitz and then talk about cinematography and photography! It was quite a busy week and I didn’t really plan it well but I got everything done!

Up first as usual are the daily creates.

For 1/31 we had to either be optimistic or pessimistic, I was feeling a little pessimistic that day.

For 2/1 we had to draw a cactus with our eyes closed. I’m not gonna lie, mine didn’t come out as atrocious as I thought it would! This daily create was fun and made me feel like a little kid.

For 2/2 we were to take a famous Shakespeare quote and put it in cowboy lingo via a cowboy lingo translator. My original quote was “Cowards die many times before their deaths; The valiant never taste of death but once.”

Moving on from the daily creates I then worked on photography and cinematography. We were required to talk about our photography past, mine you can find here. I loved doing this because it got me thinking of all the wonderful photos I used to take. Photography was the one thing I loved doing and knew I was good at. So with these visual assignments I used my “fancy” camera and took all the pictures!

Then I did my assignment for cinematography and vocabulary. I watched The Man Who Shot Liberty Valance on Netflix. It was a great black and white western that I actually enjoyed watching. We were then asked to apply vocabulary we were given to the movie. I struggled with this a little bit just because I simply did not know whether I should just solely apply it to the movie set or if I could’ve applied it to the cast as well. Either way the movie was great and I did eventually apply some of the terms.

After all that I created my first photoblitz! I seriously had the most fun with this assignment. I do wish it had been a prettier day out for some of the pictures and I do wish some of the images had come out differently. Also Haiku Deck was causing me some technological issues but I got it sorted out in the end. I’m pretty sure my favorite image was the one of my feet describing my day. That day was pretty rough and a mess and I thought my mismatched socks with one being half off kind of just symbolized that perfectly.

I then proceeded to work on the assignments given. I wrote about what was in my character, Sally’s satchel. She had a few interesting things in there. I also love creating back stories as to why they were in there so that was enjoyable.

I also had to create a story for an image of a couple in love. I could’ve typed a whole novel for the image I chose. I never realize how creative I can be until I actually sit down and start typing out what I’m thinking. So I did enjoy this assignment as well and it wasn’t hard at all.

Next we could choose between two assignments given. I chose to recreate a famous movie scene. My mind instantly went to the Titanic but I decided to do the Shining instead. I grabbed my chopping knife and took the best recreation photo I could. I couldn’t stop laughing because her face is just so funny but I eventually got a decent shot!

And last but not least were six stars worth of assignments. I decided to do a 3.5 star one and a 2.5 star one. The 3.5 start one I incorporated my character Sally into. We were required to make art with very limited “tools”. I did my best at attempting to show her pouring a shot however I just looks kind of weird. The 2.5 star one was to pull out one color in a picture of a room I took. I pulled out the color red. This assignment proved to be the most challenging for me simply because I couldn’t remember how to do that effect. Thankfully Google was there to help me out.

All in all this weeks assignments were enjoyable simply because I love using my camera. Some proved to be harder than others but I learned and finished them all. I do feel as though I hadn’t planned out this week as well as I had hoped and I’m thinking that this is still only just the beginning so hopefully this next week will go smoother!

Weekly Summary 1/22 – 1/29

Wow, it’s been three weeks since I started this crazy rodeo and I feel like I have done/learned so much! This week was literally “writing the rodeo”! I love writing and I love creative writing at that so this week was pretty fun for me! Below you’ll be able to see everything I created this past week! Up first are three daily creates I did!

On 1/23 I created a western road sign. Mine means CAUTION: Shoot out possible up ahead.

On 1/24 we had to re-create our best Duke selfie. If only I had brought my cowgirl hat and bandanna from home!

For 1/25 we were to create some sort of media in remembrance for Bonnie McCarroll, this was the outcome for me.

For the rest of the week we were to write about two westerns, write about the shape of stories, create our own character, pick an assignment out of three given and then do 6 stars worth of writing! Below this little blurb is a link to each one of my 6 stars worth of writing.

One of the assignments I picked was to recall the day we had to move-in. It was an emotional one to say the least!

Another one I did was a bucket list. I never realized how hard it was to narrow down 5 things I want to do with my life.

The third assignment to complete six stars worth was writing a letter to myself, just being 10 years older. I’m not going to lie, it really got me thinking about my future. I gave myself a few options as to what I hope I’m doing 10 years down the road but I honestly have no idea what the future holds!

For the three assignments we were given, I chose the one where I wrote a letter to my Mom. I got super emotional writing it just because it made me miss her more than I already do.

I then proceeded to create my very own western character! I had a lot of fun making er up and giving her a back story and everything! I can’t wait to use her in future assignments!

After letting my creative side go wild I read and listened to some western stories. I really enjoyed both of them. Even though both were grouped under the western genre I wouldn’t have considered the one I read a western. Sure it took place in the west and they talked like they were from the west but I guess since it wasn’t stereotypical I didn’t peg it as western. Listening to Gun Smoke however, had everything I think a western is.

After reading and listening, I watched the shape of stories on YouTube and then read another western and compared it to the video I watched. It was kind of hard to apply the story to the models given in the video but I attempted to!

After all this writing, I’m kind of excited to get into different forms of media and not just typing down words!