Weekly Summary 4/8/16 – 4/15/16

This week was all about web assignments and I had so.much.fun! But before I get into that, daily creates! This week was different though because we had to make a story and use our daily creates within that so they are all combined into one marvelous post!

The required assignment of the week was to do Storytelling Within the Web. This was a lot of fun for me and I ramble on more about how I loved using the Goggles and my love for Supernatural so that’s an interesting post.

Then we were required to do 10 stars worth of web assignments. The first one that I did was create a BuzzFeed Quiz for 4.5 stars. This assignment was actually the hardest one I had to do and took up a lot of time. I almost gave up on it but I didn’t, so please go take that quiz! The second assignment I did was create a resume for my character Sally. It was worth 3 stars and I really had fun with this one, probably because it isn’t a resume for myself. The last assignment I did was a little like the required one we were given. I had to use the X Ray goggles and create my own search engine. I pretty much took Google and made it for desperate college kids who keep procrastinating. This was worth 3.5 starts giving me a total of 11 stars at the end. I had a lot of fun this week and even though I’m so over this semester I have been enjoying this class a lot!

Weekly Summary 3/18 – 3/25

This week was all about video and man was it a learning process. But, before we get into that – here are the daily creates I completed!

3/19: Created a snippet of life around me.

3/20: Created a writing about me waking up fro a 100 year nap

Now, onto the meaty portion of this week. We were given a bunch of sources to read about so we could understand cinematography much better and then to watch a movie and do a video essay on it. I did mine on Django Unchained and loved looking at a movie in such a different perspective! Then we were required to do an assignment out of a few given. I decided on filming my hobby – which is weightlifting. So if you want to see a girl pick up 225 lbs that’s your video! Then we were given two options – do 10 stars of video assignments or form a small group and come up with a plan/film a teaser trailer. I decided on the second one and asked a couple of people from the radio group I worked in if they wanted to join in – they did! We worked on the plan all week via email and google docs and came up with a vlog style show. Then I came up with my own dorky teaser trailer which took me awhile but I finally got the hang of it! This week was hard just because I don’t know much about video but I learned a lot and can’t wait to see what next week is like!

Weekly Summary 2/12 – 2/19

For this week it was all about design. I was to read about design, do a design blitz, 10 stars worth of assignments, a required assignment and three daily creates. This week was a little challenging since I don’t have much experience in the design department but I did it! First up is the daily creates.

2/14: Create a western valentine.

2/15: Wish a ds106 birthday with a gif.

2/16: Congratulate ds106 daily create on hitting 1500.

The daily creates were fun as usual. I actually made a meme so that was pretty awesome and I also got to edit a gif! I then read about design and talked about it about the concepts of it as I read assigned articles and websites. I then did my design blitz which was the most complicated assignment I had this week. It was complicated simply because I didn’t know what I was to take images of. However, I did get it done and did apply all of the concepts to different designs so I really saw that as an accomplishment. I then did one of the suggested assignments which was an outlaw poster. Then I did 10 stars worth of assignments. The first one was 4.5 stars and it was designing a cereal box. Then I did two three star assignments, one was designing a tattoo and editing it different ways. I then created my own sneaker design which was really enjoyable considering I love sneakers. All of the assignments were pretty straight forward and didn’t take me too long except for the design blitz. Other than that I did learn a lot and can’t wait to see what the next week holds!