Dear 30 year old self…

I have absolutely no idea what the future holds for me. This assignment requires me to write to myself 10 years from now.

Dear future Tierra,

You’ll be what, 30? when you read this. Dear God woman you’re old! Except not really, I’m just kidding. You’re writing this to yourself on January 24, 2016. There’s a crap ton of snow outside from winter storm Jonas and you have no idea whether you have work today or not. So if you remember all this stuff, you’re awesome, if not, go take some EHT by Nerium and get smarter ya dingus. Well I imagine you have already been on the bodybuilding circuit and have a few competitions under your belt. Hopefully sponsored by Legion Supplements and a bikini company. You train people at your own gym and help children with their health, like you always wanted to. You also got your masters for nutrition through Liberty’s online courses like you planned. I hope you’re married to the love of your life and possibly have a little baby or one on the way, if not that’s cool, take your…my….(???) time. You have a beautiful house with a wrap around porch and a lot of indoor potted plants and books everywhere. I imagine you live on a big piece of land somewhere in Virginia so you’re not too far from all your siblings and friends. If this is all too far fetched than here is my more achievable standard that I’ll give myself. I think I’m married to the love of my life in a cute little townhouse either in Virginia or Maryland. We have multiple dogs because I love dogs and can’t live without them. I am a counselor of some kind, hopefully with children, but also a personal trainer. I have competed in a bodybuilding show and want to help others do it too. And I finally got that Audi I have been dreaming out since I was 19. I hope I put my anxiety and negative thoughts about myself away and only think positively. I have no idea if this is how the future will even end up but it’s always a great outline. Most importantly, I hope I am happy. So if I’m not and I’m reading this well, cheer up buttercup. You’re alive and reading this and have gotten to be 30, let’s see how 40 and 50 and so on look on us.. me.. you… this is hard. Anyways, cheers to being 30!

Love, Tierra

(Two Stars)