I like to move it move it…. except not really…

For this little diddy we have to write about our Freshman year move in day, something I loved and hated all at once.

I moved into Jefferson Hall around August 2013 at 10a.m. I had absolutely no idea where my room was and thought my Mom couldn’t be anymore embarrassing. My Mom and I unloaded everything onto the curb in front of the building and then she went to go park the car. I had to bring everything up with the help of one person because she got lost parking her car. By the time everything was up in my room it was super hot and humid since it had rained a little bit. Everything was a huge chaotic mess and by the time my roommate had got there with even more stuff, which she took up all at once because she had so much help, it looked like a tornado had hit our room. Eventually everything was unpacked and put in spots, soon to be moved so we could open up our floor to be bigger. But the entire time moving in I had one thought, I want to go home. Obviously because it was a new place but also, I didn’t really know anyone and it didn’t feel like home to me. I was tired, scared and excited all at once.

My Mom and I went to lunch and went shopping for things that I forgot which completely took my worries away at the time. Then we got back and the anxiety about being in a new place and not going home to my family every night started kicking in. When my Mom was getting ready to head out I kept making up excuses for her not to leave but she said she had to. It wasn’t the emotional but by the time she got in the car she called me and told me how proud she was and quickly ended the call due to what sounded like a sob. I watched her drive away like something an actress would do in a movie and just wished I could be going back home with her.

So obviously freshman move in day was a mixed bag of feelings but since then I have made some friendships and have made it to second semester junior year! I call my family frequently just to catch up with them and try to go home any chance I get free from work! Move-in day sucked but I’ve gotten this far and can’t wait to see where I end up later in time.

(Two Stars)

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