Weekly Summary 1/22 – 1/29

Wow, it’s been three weeks since I started this crazy rodeo and I feel like I have done/learned so much! This week was literally “writing the rodeo”! I love writing and I love creative writing at that so this week was pretty fun for me! Below you’ll be able to see everything I created this past week! Up first are three daily creates I did!

On 1/23 I created a western road sign. Mine means CAUTION: Shoot out possible up ahead.

On 1/24 we had to re-create our best Duke selfie. If only I had brought my cowgirl hat and bandanna from home!

For 1/25 we were to create some sort of media in remembrance for Bonnie McCarroll, this was the outcome for me.

For the rest of the week we were to write about two westerns, write about the shape of stories, create our own character, pick an assignment out of three given and then do 6 stars worth of writing! Below this little blurb is a link to each one of my 6 stars worth of writing.

One of the assignments I picked was to recall the day we had to move-in. It was an emotional one to say the least!

Another one I did was a bucket list. I never realized how hard it was to narrow down 5 things I want to do with my life.

The third assignment to complete six stars worth was writing a letter to myself, just being 10 years older. I’m not going to lie, it really got me thinking about my future. I gave myself a few options as to what I hope I’m doing 10 years down the road but I honestly have no idea what the future holds!

For the three assignments we were given, I chose the one where I wrote a letter to my Mom. I got super emotional writing it just because it made me miss her more than I already do.

I then proceeded to create my very own western character! I had a lot of fun making er up and giving her a back story and everything! I can’t wait to use her in future assignments!

After letting my creative side go wild I read and listened to some western stories. I really enjoyed both of them. Even though both were grouped under the western genre I wouldn’t have considered the one I read a western. Sure it took place in the west and they talked like they were from the west but I guess since it wasn’t stereotypical I didn’t peg it as western. Listening to Gun Smoke however, had everything I think a western is.

After reading and listening, I watched the shape of stories on YouTube and then read another western and compared it to the video I watched. It was kind of hard to apply the story to the models given in the video but I attempted to!

After all this writing, I’m kind of excited to get into different forms of media and not just typing down words!

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