Weekly Summary 1/29 – 2/5

Well this is it for week four! This week was all about visuals which I had some fun with! We were required to do 3 daily creates, 2 visual assignments given to us, the option of one or another visual assignment, again given to us, six stars worth of visual assignments – one using our character, a photoblitz and then talk about cinematography and photography! It was quite a busy week and I didn’t really plan it well but I got everything done!

Up first as usual are the daily creates.

For 1/31 we had to either be optimistic or pessimistic, I was feeling a little pessimistic that day.

For 2/1 we had to draw a cactus with our eyes closed. I’m not gonna lie, mine didn’t come out as atrocious as I thought it would! This daily create was fun and made me feel like a little kid.

For 2/2 we were to take a famous Shakespeare quote and put it in cowboy lingo via a cowboy lingo translator. My original quote was “Cowards die many times before their deaths; The valiant never taste of death but once.”

Moving on from the daily creates I then worked on photography and cinematography. We were required to talk about our photography past, mine you can find here. I loved doing this because it got me thinking of all the wonderful photos I used to take. Photography was the one thing I loved doing and knew I was good at. So with these visual assignments I used my “fancy” camera and took all the pictures!

Then I did my assignment for cinematography and vocabulary. I watched The Man Who Shot Liberty Valance on Netflix. It was a great black and white western that I actually enjoyed watching. We were then asked to apply vocabulary we were given to the movie. I struggled with this a little bit just because I simply did not know whether I should just solely apply it to the movie set or if I could’ve applied it to the cast as well. Either way the movie was great and I did eventually apply some of the terms.

After all that I created my first photoblitz! I seriously had the most fun with this assignment. I do wish it had been a prettier day out for some of the pictures and I do wish some of the images had come out differently. Also Haiku Deck was causing me some technological issues but I got it sorted out in the end. I’m pretty sure my favorite image was the one of my feet describing my day. That day was pretty rough and a mess and I thought my mismatched socks with one being half off kind of just symbolized that perfectly.

I then proceeded to work on the assignments given. I wrote about what was in my character, Sally’s satchel. She had a few interesting things in there. I also love creating back stories as to why they were in there so that was enjoyable.

I also had to create a story for an image of a couple in love. I could’ve typed a whole novel for the image I chose. I never realize how creative I can be until I actually sit down and start typing out what I’m thinking. So I did enjoy this assignment as well and it wasn’t hard at all.

Next we could choose between two assignments given. I chose to recreate a famous movie scene. My mind instantly went to the Titanic but I decided to do the Shining instead. I grabbed my chopping knife and took the best recreation photo I could. I couldn’t stop laughing because her face is just so funny but I eventually got a decent shot!

And last but not least were six stars worth of assignments. I decided to do a 3.5 star one and a 2.5 star one. The 3.5 start one I incorporated my character Sally into. We were required to make art with very limited “tools”. I did my best at attempting to show her pouring a shot however I just looks kind of weird. The 2.5 star one was to pull out one color in a picture of a room I took. I pulled out the color red. This assignment proved to be the most challenging for me simply because I couldn’t remember how to do that effect. Thankfully Google was there to help me out.

All in all this weeks assignments were enjoyable simply because I love using my camera. Some proved to be harder than others but I learned and finished them all. I do feel as though I hadn’t planned out this week as well as I had hoped and I’m thinking that this is still only just the beginning so hopefully this next week will go smoother!

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