Weekly Summary 2/12 – 2/19

For this week it was all about design. I was to read about design, do a design blitz, 10 stars worth of assignments, a required assignment and three daily creates. This week was a little challenging since I don’t have much experience in the design department but I did it! First up is the daily creates.

2/14: Create a western valentine.

2/15: Wish a ds106 birthday with a gif.

2/16: Congratulate ds106 daily create on hitting 1500.

The daily creates were fun as usual. I actually made a meme so that was pretty awesome and I also got to edit a gif! I then read about design and talked about it about the concepts of it as I read assigned articles and websites. I then did my design blitz which was the most complicated assignment I had this week. It was complicated simply because I didn’t know what I was to take images of. However, I did get it done and did apply all of the concepts to different designs so I really saw that as an accomplishment. I then did one of the suggested assignments which was an outlaw poster. Then I did 10 stars worth of assignments. The first one was 4.5 stars and it was designing a cereal box. Then I did two three star assignments, one was designing a tattoo and editing it different ways. I then created my own sneaker design which was really enjoyable considering I love sneakers. All of the assignments were pretty straight forward and didn’t take me too long except for the design blitz. Other than that I did learn a lot and can’t wait to see what the next week holds!

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