Weekly Summary 2/19 – 2/26

This week was all about audio, design and coming up with a radio show. It was a lot of work and the radio show is nowhere near done but I did do a lot of fun things this week. First up, surprise, three daily creates!

2/21: Create our own words of wisdom poster like Loesje.

2/22: We were to create a story line using only hashtags.

2/23: We were to take a selfie with a clock that says 1:06. Mine was more of a “thumb-fie” since I didn’t check the daily create until after 1:06.

The rest of the week we were to get into groups and work on our radio show. We were to create a promo which involved design, I used canva.com to create a poster invitation. Then I talked about our progress in a little report I typed up which showed what we used to come up with our ideas and what not. Besides just working on the show we were assigned to do 10 stars of audio with 5 relating to our character. Most of mine happened to relate to my character Sally and I also can use them in the radio show. I did a commercial on Sally’s own cleaning mix called SCRUB-A-DUB-BUB that she sells at her saloon, Tumbleweed. Then I also made a radio bumper with Sally speaking about the show. The last one that related to my character was a day in her life. She talks about a whole lot like what she does, what she eats, and where she lives. Then I did another assignment to complete my stars was an audio assignment that required me to whistle a song that gets stuck in my head a lot, so go and try to figure that out. This week was a lot but I enjoyed it and can’t wait to see what the final show sounds like.

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