Weekly Summary 2/5 – 2/12

This entire week was all about audio, something I never really have done anything with or focused much on. I learned a lot, like, a LOT! I have my audio reflection on what I learned via a story about the moon and through my first ever ds106 radio experience so you can check that out! We were also required to do three daily creates which you can see below!

The daily create for 2/6 was to wish someone well in western lingo!

For 2/7 we were to add to the cowboy rules! Mine was a classic Woody the cowboy rule!

Finally for 2/9 we were to create and price our own invention. I couldn’t think of anything until I went to put on my makeup and was looking for a certain lipstick (I have a lot) and couldn’t find it and wish I had something to hold them all in one spot. Boom. Lip stick storage container.

For the rest of our assignments we were to do a radio bumper, two assigned audio assignments and 8 stars worth of audio as well as brain storm ideas for future radio shows.

My radio bumper was actually used in the show I listened to on 2/9 so that was really cool! I really liked making it however, I do wish you couldn’t hear my lap top fan going in the background. I’m sure I’ll figure out how to make it sound clearer some how.

Out of assignments given I did Rooty Tooty Speech of the West with a twist. I made it about my character Sally and her job! It wasn’t hard to make at all like I said in the description. The hardest part was figuring out what to say.

Then we were required to make a sound effects story. This had to be about our character so I made mine about a normal day for Sally. It was a bit challenging at first since I never have used Audacity in such a “fancy” way but I got the hang of it and started having fun after I understood. I’m sure my knowledge will increase as the semester goes on.

I did two other assignments to count towards my 8 stars. One was about lyrics that we misheard. I sang along to Taylor Swifts’ Blank Space so if you want to listen to my tone deaf voice go right ahead! The second assignment I did was to record myself being foreign and placing a difficult order at a fast food restaurant. I had a lot of fun with that one, coming up with an accent and making no sense was just enjoyable!

Then there were my ideas for a radio show. I came up with a few and decided I really liked a murder mystery western one. Something a long the lines of the Sleepy Hollow (Johnny Depp version) movie. I feel like that could be a lot of fun to listen to on the radio! I actually have one person on board so I’m pretty pumped for it! Like I have said a lot, this week was fun and I learned a whole lot about audio that I never knew before.

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