Weekly Summary 3/11 – 3/18

This week was the week of the radio show broadcast. Our show airs tonight (Thursday, 3/17) but I did listen in on Tuesday’s show and it was great! The World Wide Western news was amazing. It sounded very professional and exactly like a real news show. The second show sounded very much like a music radio station. They had a brief talk show followed up by commercials, bumpers and music. More of my live reaction tweets can be found on my twitter. While also listening to radio shows we were required to do 10 stars worth of collaboration assignments and three daily creates. As usual daily creates are up first!

3/11 We were given an image and we required to put a soundtrack to it.:

3/12 This day we were to pick two items we would take to space and put them in a collage.:

3/13 This daily create was to show a mole hill or a mountain in an image:

Next are the three assignments I did that add up to be 11 stars! The first collaborative assignment I did was visual. It was a camp poster I made with my character and Angus, another character. I made the poster on canva.com and decided it would be a shooting camp! I actually like the poster a lot that I would probably consider going. This was worth 3.5 stars.

For the second assignment I did a design collaboration. It was a missing poster I designed on canva.com. The missing person was a character named Tallie, who I just so happened to work on the radio show with. This assignment was worth 3.5 stars.

The last assignment I did was a writing assignment. It was two characters emailing each other back and forth. I actually did this with another girl whom I worked on the radio show with, Lindsey. We had this idea of doing a sequel to our radio show and it ended up pretty awesome! Also if you caught the back to the future vibe, bravo to you. This assignment was worth 4 stars.

This week wasn’t bad at all and was quite enjoyable!

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