Weekly Summary 3/18 – 3/25

This week was all about video and man was it a learning process. But, before we get into that – here are the daily creates I completed!

3/19: Created a snippet of life around me.

3/20: Created a writing about me waking up fro a 100 year nap

Now, onto the meaty portion of this week. We were given a bunch of sources to read about so we could understand cinematography much better and then to watch a movie and do a video essay on it. I did mine on Django Unchained and loved looking at a movie in such a different perspective! Then we were required to do an assignment out of a few given. I decided on filming my hobby – which is weightlifting. So if you want to see a girl pick up 225 lbs that’s your video! Then we were given two options – do 10 stars of video assignments or form a small group and come up with a plan/film a teaser trailer. I decided on the second one and asked a couple of people from the radio group I worked in if they wanted to join in – they did! We worked on the plan all week via email and google docs and came up with a vlog style show. Then I came up with my own dorky teaser trailer which took me awhile but I finally got the hang of it! This week was hard just because I don’t know much about video but I learned a lot and can’t wait to see what next week is like!

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