Weekly Summary 4/1 – 4/8

This week was all about remixes and mashups with a tutorial thrown in for good measure. As usual, daily creates up first!

April 4th: I put myself on a billboard and in front of one too.

April 5th: I had to use 3 emojis to tell a movie!

I then worked on my remix assignments. The first one was making a nostalgia piece of work and then remixing it to have a western theme. This was super simple for me. I just designed my poster on canva.com. The second assignment I did was writing a letter to my future husband, remixed as Dr.Seuss’ writing. This one was actually kind of hard for me considering I had no idea how to write like him. I had to google on how to write like him but I think I got it eventually.

The next assignments I worked on were the 12 stars worth of mashup assignments. My first one was combining two movies together. I just took two pictures and put them together in paint. I did have to YouTube how to combine them though. My second assignment was to combine three of my favorite holidays into one. Again, I used paint to combine them altogether. My last assignment to complete all my stars was to combine someone doing something similar to an emoji. I happen to walk in on my roommate studying an I combined her with a certain emoji that you can go check out!

I accidentally forgot to add in this assignment that I did. It was my tutorial!!! I showed everyone how to make a shoe personalized with screenshots and little descriptions. That completed my week of assignments!

This week was a lot of work but I enjoyed it – as usual.

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